2002 Chevy Camaro SS 496 Long Block Engine Swap - Fat Guy In A Little Coat

Stuffing A 496-Cubic-Inch Warhawk Into A Fourth-Gen

Justin Cesler Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Thinking about the new Warhawk block from World Products, it brings me back to one of my favorite Chris Farley moments of all time. In the middle of a stressful fight with co-star David Spade, Chris adorns David's tiny blue blazer and begins singing "Fat guy in a little coat ..."

If you know what happens next (the jacket rips in half), you now know what it feels like to put a Warhawk together. It just doesn't seem possible, or plausible, to be able to take such a physically small package and displace such a large amount of cubic inches. If you are going to make this work it takes a good team of engineers, builders, and machinists. For the guys over at World Products to do this, they have extended the deck height from a stock 9.24 inches to a much taller 9.80 inches. This allowed the engineers to accommodate large stroker crankshafts, including the 4.500-inch Callies unit, while still maintaining close to stock exterior dimensions.

Of course, doing so is not without its fair share of heartache. The tall-deck design is an excellent idea and, once assembled, a truly fantastic piece of machinery. However, there are many small issues that can take a toll on both your budget and your ego. Fortunately for us, the master builders over at Vengeance Racing have already done all the hard work and we were there to watch each step of the way. Follow along with us as Buddy Daniel builds and installs a tall-deck, 496ci Warhawk into an otherwise bone stock '02 Camaro.


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