434 Stroker Build - W-Engine Revival - Part Two

Transform That Tired 348 Into A Tire-Smoker

Steve Magnante Aug 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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There's a long-standing assumption that the Chevy 348/409W engine is a nostalgic relic from days gone by. But as we showed last month, fresh aftermarket goodies have breathed new life into the W--576 hp, to be exact. Best of all, much of this attention is aimed at the inexpensive-to-buy 348, which was produced in far greater quantity than the more-sought-after 409.

So far we've watched as Joe Jill and the Superior Automotive crew packed the 348 block with an Eagle stroker crank and H-beam rods and forged Ross pistons to transform it into a rugged 434-cube torque maker. Now let's pick things up with a close look at Edelbrock's new Performer RPM 409 heads and perform the final assembly and dyno test.

Quick Notes
What We Did
Built a 434ci stroker

Bottom Line
The proof is in the numbers

Cost (Approx)

Breaking News
In a collaboration of Lamar Walden and World Products, a new cast aluminum W engine block has just been released. With 4.50-inch bores it is a 509 right out of the box but can be stoked all the way to 609 ci. The bottom-end architecture, oil pan rail, and front cover are adapted from the big-block Chevy, but otherwise it accepts all W-engine external bolt-on parts and looks virtually stock. Just spray it orange and nobody will ever know. Stuff it with just-released forged pistons from Keith Black. There has never been a better time to build a W engine!




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