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Horace Mast Of Mast Motorsports Explains How To Drop An LS Motor Into Your Muscle Car And Gets Us Up To Speed On The Latest In Gen IV Parts Development

Stephen Kim Jul 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Drop-In Simplicity
People who swap late-model EFI motors into older musclecars are often seeking drop-in-and-go simplicity. To that end, Mast Motorsports has all the bases covered. "We offer everything needed to install a Gen IV engine into an older musclecar including custom headers, engine mounts, crossmembers, front accessory drive systems, fuel systems, and a variety of harmonic balancers, water pumps, and oil pans. Our M-90 ECM is the most important component for drop-in-and-go simplicity since as long as the engine has fuel pressure, it only takes three wires to hook up before the engine is ready to start," says Horace. "Most of our customers buy other conversion parts directly from us to make their engine installations as simple as possible. It also makes our customers less apprehensive about an LS swap when they know that they can get all the components they need under one roof. Our distributors also offer these same services."

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Product Line
"In order to suit the diverse needs of our customer base, Mast Motorsports offers a dizzying array of crate engines. Customers should consider their budget, intended application, and desired idle characteristics and power output up front. Our hand-built Hot Rod & Musclecar line of engines, which come complete with an ECM and wiring harness, is our most popular product. These hand-built crate engines are designed for the rare combination of extreme durability in racing and street environments. They include forged rotating assemblies, premium valvetrain products, and purpose-designed custom camshafts. The three primary engine blocks that we use are the LS3, LS7, and the LSX in displacements ranging from 416 to 454 ci.

"Our entry-level engines feature cam profile that yield a slight lope at idle, responsive low-end torque, a powerful midrange, and a powerband that peaks earlier. The cams in our H.O. engines yield a broader torque curve with mild lope at idle and impressive midrange and top-end power without compromising low-end torque. Our SS engines are equipped with cams that yield higher rpm power potential with a moderate lope at idle. They sound really mean at idle, but are very streetable thanks to our M-90 ECM. Every customer is looking for something a little bit different that will be perfect for their needs and expectations, which is the reason why we work tirelessly to offer a wide variety of engine combinations."

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Wiring Harnesses
Despite the benefits of EFI, wiring it all can be a pain. To dummy-proof the installation of its crate motors, Mast Motorsports offers custom wiring harnesses to complement its engines and ECMs. "We designed our harness from the ground up to be the most capable and user-friendly units on the market. Both our M-90 DBW and M-90 WBO2 ECMs can mount anywhere, and the engine harness is truly plug-and-play," Horace explains. "To get the engine running, all you need is to hook up the power, ground, neutral safety, and ignition switch wires, and you're good to go.

"Our harness also powers the starter circuit, the ignition power circuit, the electric fan circuit, and the fuel pump circuit. This means everything is already in place to power the starter, electric fan, and fuel pump. By including these circuits, our harness saves the customer not only the cost of these separate systems, but countless hours on wiring all these sub systems up separately. We have even gone so far as to make an A/C harness that greatly reduces the installation time of a Vintage Air or equivalent A/C system with a trinary switch.

"As far as quality is concerned, each harness is manufactured to exacting tolerances following strict ISO 9001 guidelines. Most importantly, each circuit is tested prior to being removed from the production tooling. At any point in which two wires must be connected together, they are ultrasonic-welded instead of being socket-spliced or soldered."


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