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Jesse Powell And Brett Clow Of Aeromotive Explain The Science Behind Fuel Delivery And How To Properly Design A Fuel System

Stephen Kim Jun 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

More Pumps & Tanks
Aeromotive will be releasing two new big-horsepower fuel pumps this summer, one for carbureted drag race applications and the other for EFI engines such as in Pro Mod. Additionally, the company will also be introducing its next generation of Stealth systems in the months ahead. "These will be fuel cells complete with an A1000 or Eliminator fuel pump and a prefilter already built in. Simply bolt the fuel cell in, hook up your fuel line and two wires, and you're ready to rock," says Powell. Cell size will range from 15 to 20 gallons. "We anticipate that these will be a big hit in the street performance and street rod markets since they greatly simplify the installation and eliminate all of the guesswork. You don't have to have a custom tank built and deal with the space issues for an externally mounted sump anymore. It doesn't get any easier."

Fuel Logs
A billet adjustable fuel log is a slick way to feed your carburetor, but many drag racers have shied away from them in the past due to sloppy clearances and poor fitment. Telescoping logs help alleviate some fitment issues since they have some flexibility and enable one log to fit several carburetors that share the same float-bowl-style inlets. Aeromotive took this concept a step further by not only making its fuel log a telescoping design, but also adding a ball-and-socket joint to each of the carburetor inlets that swivel 20 degrees in any direction. "This allows them to clear throttle stops, nitrous plates, and any other components around the carb," says Jesse.

"We have also added some other features not that common with a setup like this. Our swivel fittings allow attaching a bypass-style regulator right to the end of the log and rotating it a full 360 degrees while maintaining a positive O-ring seal. That means you don't have to mount your regulator on the firewall and run unnecessary fuel lines. We even offer kits that come with the fuel log, regulator, and swivel fitting all in one convenient package."


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