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Rob Moser of Moser Engineering Gets Us up to Speed on the Latest Driveline Innovations

Stephen Kim May 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Company Race Cars
Racing has always been a big part of the Moser tradition. There is always a stable of in-house race cars to assist the company in parts development. "In our industry, you don't want any surprises, and being at the track on a weekly basis enables us to put our current products through the rigors of racing and to test new product designs quickly and efficiently. That way, we're testing our products in real-life circumstances, not just on a test stand in a perfect environment," Moser explains. The shop currently competes with three in-house Super Comp dragsters driven by Moser, his son Justen, and R&D manager Tim Irwin. "Many of our employees are avid racers. Kip Hayden, our VP of operations, races a company-owned 10-second '87 Camaro, and some of our other drag cars include a 10-second '87 S-10 truck, a '94 Camaro, and an '88 Firebird."

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New Products
"We're constantly updating our product line, and there are several new items that we're very excited to announce. Moser's new economy disc brake kit is going to give customers the ability to have disc brakes at a price point that's lower than most new drum brake kits. It utilizes an 11-inch vented rotor with a single piston caliper, and a parking brake is optional. Best of all, the setup will work with just about any 15-inch-and-larger rim combination.

"Our new M9 full-floater rearend was designed to be the best design of its type on the market. Its high-strength chrome-moly housing is perfect for Pro Mod, Top Dragster, and Top Sportsman classes in addition to any application where a racer wants the safety you gain with a floater unit. Moser uses its premium alloy axle shafts, hubs, and 4130 alloy spindles in this setup. The hub assemblies can be built to accommodate a standard 5x5 or a 5x4 3/4 bolt circle. Other features include premium 31/2-inch chrome-moly axle tubes and the option to choose from a full range of 9- or 9 1/2-inch competition centersections.


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