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GTech Pro Expandable Gauge System Install - New-School Functionality

Taking All The Guesswork Out Of The Equation

Sean Haggai Mar 1, 2009

This isn't just another ordinary tachometer with basic rev functions. It's much more advanced. GTech has found a nice niche to apply all of its latest technology into something we can put to good use in our street machines, and it's called the GTech Pro Expandable Gauge System (EGS).

No doubt, there's a surplus of options at your fingertips to keep an eye on engine stats. But what if you could get most of what you needed in one easy-to-read display? The GTech Pro EGS allows you to keep an eye on basic engine parameters such as battery voltage and of course rpm, but also provides you with plenty of cool added features to play with. Things like 0-60 and quarter-mile times, a skidpad g-meter, wideband air/fuel ratio monitoring, and even the ability to datalog days at the track with an easy recall function at the push of a button.

The GTech Pro EGS can be as elaborate or simple as you like and gives you an incredible number of options, many of which have never been available until now. This could be the last tachometer you ever buy. And since it's expandable, it means you can keep adding functions, including an eight-channel input module for driveshaft speeds, differential temperature, oil pressure, exhaust gas temperatures, and any other sensor you can think of. Should you need a 24-channel input upgrade, then GTech also offers a 2MB module upgrade. For '96 and newer vehicles, you have the option of an OBD-II interface module, which allows you to monitor a wide range of parameters such as speed, throttle position, fuel pressure, short- and long-term fuel trim, and everything else computer-related. There's also the wideband oxygen sensor to keep tabs on the air/fuel mixture and, lastly, an accelerometer module. If you're not looking to invest in the entire system just yet, then we do recommend at minimum the optional sequential shift light. These shift lights are fully programmable, starting the lighting sequence 500 rpm before the preset redline. Best of all, it can also be used as an adaptive alarm for any number of parameters.

All said, this is a great system that's completely digital with endless possibilities. The install wasn't difficult, requiring a few hours at best with basic handtools and a little wiring know-how. If you're looking for an affordable do-it-all system that can datalog while offering a multitude of functions that GTech is known for, then this is the system for you.

Quick Notes
What We Did

Added GTech's newest technological bad-boy to our Nova

Bottom Line
Finally something for the big kids to play with

Cost (Approx)
Starting at $340

O2 Sensor Wiring Key
Our wideband wire loom consisted of six wires with an additional two terminal jacks. The two terminal jacks will be plugged into the back of the GTech tach later on.

RPM Signal Wiring Key
Our rpm signal wiring consisted of five more wires. However, only four are used and the opposite end has a USB style connector which will connect to the back of the GTech tach.



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