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LS1 Comp Cams Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Upgrade - Cam'd For Power

Add Power With A Positive Displacement Specific 'Stick

Sean Haggai Feb 1, 2009
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The LS combos have the potential to make ground-pounding power, even in almost-stock trim. As usual, our bellies weren't yet full, though, and our minds were on the buzz for something more. We just knew our LS1 had more under its skin. Last month we left you with a stout LS1 package ("Magnificent," Jan. '09) that consisted of an LS1 with built internals, including the factory forged crank, a set of Probe 4340 lightweight I-beam rods, and lower-compression SRS series pistons. We topped it off with a set of Trick Flow's GenX Street/Strip CNC-ported lungs for deep breathing. For bump, we used Comp Cams' 230/236 hydraulic roller cam with 0.591/0.601-inch intake/exhaust on a 115-degree lobe separation.

But when you up the ante with MagnaCharger's latest and greatest supercharger system, it's a whole new ball game. It's critical that everything works in harmony and that air moves as freely as possible. The more air the better, and the longer that valve stays open, letting as much steam in as possible, the greater the ability to make power. During the last go-around, our supercharged LS1 produced a solid 652 hp and 579 lb-ft at a hair over 8 pounds of boost. Impressive? Of course, but we knew there was more to be had.

For the latest round of testing, we were all curious to see what would happen if a new camshaft choice was the only deviation from the last dyno session. Our 'stick for this test is a bit more radical and specifically designed for our positive-displacement MagnaCharger, featuring an additional 8 degrees of duration on the intake side and 10 degrees on the exhaust. Specifically, the new hydraulic roller from Comp came in at 238/246 intake/exhaust duration at 0.050 on a 114 lobe separation, with 0.605/0.613-inch intake/exhaust lift. We can undoubtedly say that we're pleased with the outcome. We still want to hear your thoughts, so tag along as we throw the Gen III powerplant back on the dyno and run it through its paces.

Quick Notes
What We Did

Determined whether or not a blower specific camshaft makes a difference.

Bottom Line
The gains are significant, but read on for the details.

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