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Installing Comp Cams' Newest Ultra-Gold Roller Rockers

Sean Haggai Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Depending on your budget, finding an affordable upgrade for your mill can be challenging and even a bit disappointing.

That's not to say we all don't want to tear a motor down and start from scratch with all of the latest goodies. However, a perfectly viable alternative can be had, with a relatively simple yet effective upgrade with a minimal cash outlay: Throw an aluminum-body rocker arm with a roller tip into the pot, and it's just what the doctor ordered.

The beauty of this swap is that it doesn't require trick tools, and if nothing else, it's far from being labor-intensive. In our case, we went with Comp's latest Ultra-Gold roller rockers, tossing out the factory 1.5:1 ratio for a slightly more aggressive 1.6:1 setup. The larger ratio will open the valves a bit longer for added airflow, and it'll cut down on frictional power loss, making it all good in the realm of horsepower.

The entire swap took us less than two hours. If this is a procedure you've never handled before, don't fret. Aside from lashing the valves, if you can pull valve covers, you can swap a set of roller rockers. Just follow along as we show you the steps. Keep in mind that net gains will vary based on your current combination. Nevertheless, if you're still utilizing the factory pieces and have the room for a quick upgrade, this will be a healthy addition and one stellar bang for the buck.

Quick Notes
What We Did

Swapped out the old steel rockers for a more-aggressive 1.6:1 aluminum set.

Bottom Line
It's the perfect do-it-yourself upgrade for any engine.

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