Camshaft And Valvetrain Technology Insight - On The Lobe's Edge

A Look At The Latest Camshaft And Valvetrain Technology Straight From Its Creators

John Nelson Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Dozens of new cam lobe profiles utilizing this exclusive Profile Expansion Technology will soon be released, with more on the way. The first of these new-generation lobe designs are the Fat-Roller (hydraulic roller), the Velocitor (solid), the Mega-Max (hydraulic flat tappet), the Maximus (a lift-rule, hydraulic circle track cam), and the Vac-Max (a vacuum rule hydraulic). According to Isky, these lobe designs will be among the most aggressive cam profiles it has ever generated. Significant increases in the cam profile envelope (the area under the valve lift curve) and in engine breathing mean that more horsepower will be available at higher engine rpm without sacrificing low- and midrange torque. And for you big-block guys, the new Sportsman Series cams for BBC use the same technology. "It has a smooth closing profile," Jamora told us. "There's more torque, more power, through the whole rpm range. Of the Profile Expansion Technology, Jamora said, "You can have your cake and eat it too."

Isky hasn't neglected the LSx market. It has coming out with the LS Hydraulic Roller series and the more aggressive HRX series. There are some shelf grinds, but the spec sheet lists far more custom cam profiles. According to Jamora, the custom grinds are what the company has already done for various customers-the list will only increase as the company follows its new philosophy and creates more custom cams for customers. Isky has also created both anti-pump-up hydraulic and mechanical roller lifters that drop right into the stock LS1 lifter tray. On the other hand, for maximum performance in "severe-duty" applications, Iksy has created a tie-bar-style lifter for LSx motors that can handle more spring pressure and rpm with better control and longevity.

All that and we're still just scratching the surface. Isky has been hard at work creating high-quality springs for all apps, both B-Hives and drop-in dual springs for LSx engines, and ultra-high-quality Tool Rooms for traditional engines. When we say there's something here for everyone, that's no overstatement.




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