Camshaft And Valvetrain Technology Insight - On The Lobe's Edge

A Look At The Latest Camshaft And Valvetrain Technology Straight From Its Creators

John Nelson Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

Isky Cams
All the companies interviewed wanted to talk about trick new cam and valvetrain parts as well as the technology used to create them. And make no mistake about it: Plenty of new parts and advanced technology is going on at Isky Racing Cams. "We've been investing in tech for the last five years," says Isky's Nolan Jamora. But the first thing he wanted to tell us about was a change in philosophy that this technology has brought. Isky calls it the "New Focus on Street Performance Guys." Jamora said, "Once, the custom camshaft was the domain of just the big-bucks racing teams. What we have done is make our cam designers available to design a cam that is perfect for the application, not just in the ballpark. You can call and talk directly to actual cam designers, not just a guy who works the tech line."

This team of designers, lead by Jamora and Tim Iskenderian, has designed hundreds of custom cams and is ready to help. Of course, it's technology that makes this type of approach possible. "We've expanded technology," he says. "The market demands it."

Isky has recently expanded its facilities for the rapid prototyping of new cam profile design and manufacturing. This consists of a state-of-the-art ProCam cam-design program and a specially equipped precision CNC master cam generator, operated under the direction of Jamora and Iskenderian. Isky is also working to upgrade every one of its cam grind machines in preparation for the new Accu-Cam precision profile measurement and accuracy standard.

This new precision technology has allowed Isky to create a family of aggressive new lobe profiles utilizing what the company calls Profile Expansion Technology. In other words, Accu-Cam standards are meant to ensure that these new state-of-the-art cam profiles will perform as designed-expanded to maximize area under the lift curve. According to Isky, this means that for a given cam lobe lift and duration at 0.050 inch, these new profiles will be longer in duration, or fatter, at higher lift checkpoints (0.200, 0.300, and so on) to maximize engine breathing potential "like never before."




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