1972 Chevy Nova Weiand 142 Blower Upgrade - Boost Machine

What Better Way To Add Power Than A Supercharger?

Sean Haggai Jan 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Adding power is addicting. Once you get a taste for it, you end up craving more, and it's hard to stop the madness until the wallet runs dry or you're too scared to drive the thing. Thankfully though, we aren't at either of those crossroads...yet. When we get the opportunity to add loads of "go" for not much green, and when it comes in a small, conveniently sized package that's completely bolt-on, well, now you're talking. There isn't anything better than adding nearly 80 hp in a matter of hours and having the know-how to do it yourself.

Briefly, our project '72 Nova began its life as a limp six-cylinder backed by a two-speed automatic. When we got our hands on it, we immediately swapped out the old powerplant in favor of a low-mileage iron-headed, hydraulic flat-tappet small-block with a Turbo 350 transmission. While the small-block swap was a great upgrade and made a world of difference in the power department-even barking second gear shifts-we wanted more.

With the small-block in, we figured what better way to show the simplicity of adding more power than with the tried and true method of going blown? In our case, it was the best method to making more power on the cheap with the least amount of downtime. Essentially, the build consisted of an elaborate manifold swap and only took us a full day's work from start to finish.

As always, we show you the inside on how it was done and what you might expect when adding boost to your project car. We spent the day at the Vaca Performance & Dyno facility in Downey, California, where the Vaca team helped to complete the build and threw the Nova on the rollers for before-and-after dyno numbers.

Quick Notes
What We Did

Added a Weiand 142-blower to our '72 Nova

Bottom Line
Our once six-bangin' Nova is now a fire-breathing blown small-block.

Price (Approx)

The Proof

Advance 38 degrees
Fuel Pressure 7 lbs.
Carb Holley 650 HP
Spacer 1-inch HVH
4 hole taper

Shopping Cart

Holley 142 supercharger polished
long nose 6507-1 $2,400
Boost gauge 90520 95
700-cfm 4150 carburetor 0-80572-S 500
14-inch high-flow air cleaner 120-146 64
Fuel line assembly 93178 154
Mechanical fuel pump 12-327-11 78
2.66-inch blower pulley 90534 93
Vaca Performance & Dyno Half-day chassis dyno   325
TOTAL $3,709




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