327 Small Block Chevy Engine Build - The 500HP Question

For This 327, The Answer Is Yes-And Then Some

John Nelson Nov 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
0811chp_14_z 327_small_block_chevy_engine_build 327_engine_on_dyno 2/14

Although Latimer was confident that his 327 creation would reach the 500 mark, he was a bit surprised to pass it by so much, and admits that he would have made some different component choices if he'd known. To that end, he's got a set of lightweight Wiseco pistons and rings on order, along with 6.250-inch rods to increase the pistons' dwell time at TDC and further enhance that rod/bore and stroke combo. Our only question is, "When can we come check it out?"


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