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Sean Haggai Oct 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Vintage Air Meets Late-Model Power
With more and more LS powerplants making it in between the framerails of our favorite A-, B-, F-, and X-body musclecars comes the availability of items that we just can't live without. LS engines are getting more affordable, and it isn't hard to source one through various salvage yards and message boards. Besides, if you're lucky enough to have a project car sitting around, you are in the game for a sick ride with all the modern-day conveniences.

We all love power steering and air conditioning. The problem, however, arises when trying to get all those late-model components into earlier-vintage vehicles, making them fit not only in your budget, but underneath the hood as well. This is where Vintage Air steps in: The company now offers a complete system for your LS powerplant. Similar to the Front Runner system for conventional motors, it utilizes a single belt and takes advantage of a factory-like tensioner to help keep the belt in place. One of its biggest advantages is that it's extremely compact and makes engine swaps into older street machines easier than ever.

More importantly, every system is sold as a total package and features Vintage Air's exclusive, machined, truss-type mounting bracket, high-performance water pump, and power steering pump; an SD7 compressor; a 140-amp alternator; optimized-ratio aluminum pulleys; all polished stainless ARP hardware; an ATI harmonic balancer; and a Dayco serpentine belt.

Other than requiring a pulley installer, we were able to install the Front Runner system with minimal hand tools from start to finish in a matter of hours. Follow along as we showcase just how easy it is to install one for your own LS-powered street machine.

Quick Notes
What we did

Added a Front Runner system to an LS mill

Bottom line
We get A/C, water, and steering pumping in one compact kit



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