1969 Chevy Nova HEI Ignition System - Spark It Up

Maximizing An HEI Ignition's Performance Potential With MSD's Super HEI Kit

John Nelson Sep 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

The Super HEI Kit-which is a smog-legal modification, by the way-allows you to retain an already installed HEI distributor. Depending on the type of module you're running (four-, five-, or seven-pin), the HEI module and coil are removed or bypassed in favor of the higher-output CD system. Those of us with a wiring phobia may be a bit intimidated by the install, but MSD's instructions for the Super HEI Kit and the 6AL box (you'll need both) are clear. The first and most important step is to determine what type of module your distributor is running so you can follow the appropriate wiring diagram. From there, it's just a matter of properly attaching the wires.

In our case, we were fortunate to be dealing with the simpler of the two options, a four-pin module MSD distributor. As for the installation itself, it actually took us longer to securely mount the 6AL box and Blaster 2 coil than it did to wire the new setup into place. Once done, we encountered a common hiccup, which we've illustrated in the captions, but once that was dealt with, the Nova fired perfectly; in fact, the most immediate benefit Cervantes noticed is that his car idles more smoothly than before. Low rpm throttle response is improved-thank the multiple sparks for that-but we'll have to wait for another track session before we can report on what the car does at the top end and under influence of laughing gas. Knowing that we've laid a more solid ignition foundation for our other performance mods, we're anxious to see the results.

Quick Notes
What We Did
Hopped up an MSD HEI ignition system by installing a Super HEI Kit

Bottom LineThe addition of a 6AL box and external Blaster 2 coil provides a hotter, more consistent spark





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