383 Chevy Small Block Engine - All Dressed Up

John Nelson Aug 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
0808chp_06_z 383_chevy_small_block_engine Moroso_dress_up_kit 2/25
0808chp_06_s 383_chevy_small_block_engine Moroso_dress_up_kit 3/25

There are many choices in its catalog, but we made a beeline for Moroso's new Fiber Design cast-aluminum valve covers, breathers, and air cleaners. What else can we say? They look cool and are available in red/black, gray/black, and blue/black. We chose the latter, the better to complement the Blue Max wires and looms. And dig the Performance Stainless Steel water neck-these things are exquisite.

PN 72521 Blue Max Spiral Core wires $50
PN 65916 Fiber Design air cleaner $90
PN 68724 Fiber Design breathers $40
PN 68407 Fiber Design valve covers $189
PN 72170 show car wire looms $17
PN 1054 Performance Stainless Steel water neck $135
PN SUM-G6300W Summit Cast Aluminum Timing Cover $40
PN SUM-G6304 Summit Timing Pointer $2
TOTAL $563

0808chp_07_z 383_chevy_small_block_engine Proform_dress_up_kit 4/25
0808chp_07_s 383_chevy_small_block_engine Proform_dress_up_kit 5/25

Proform/Specialty Auto Parts
Proform's ubiquitous engine dress-up components are well known to performance enthusiasts, especially its black crinkle-coated line-which is why we chose to highlight the company's High-Tech Collectors Series. These items are created from stamped steel, then gray epoxy-coated. The kit is pretty complete, so it only took a few extra items to round out the look.

PN 141-333 Bow Tie air cleaner nut $10
PN 141-636 Chevrolet wire looms $10
PN 141-360 High-Tech Collectors Series Kit $180
PN 141-630 oil filler cap $8
PN 141-202 timing pointer $6
PN 141-501 water neck $19
TOTAL $233

0808chp_08_z 383_chevy_small_block_engine Scoggin_dickey_dress_up_kit 6/25
0808chp_08_s 383_chevy_small_block_engine Scoggin_dickey_dress_up_kit 7/25

We know Scoggin-Dickey is one of the largest GM Performance Parts dealers around, which is why we relied on it as our GMPP representative for this project. We came up with GMPP's classic cast aluminum valve covers, of course, but also landed Scoggin-Dickey's own aluminum air cleaner assembly and very slick three-piece timing cover. It all goes together in fine fashion.

PN 141-333 Bow Tie wing nut $10
PN 12480127 Chevrolet aluminum valve covers $280
PN SD34021 Chevrolet logo satin aluminum
air cleaner assembly $75
PN 141-615 breather grommets $7
PN 141-501 chrome water neck $17
PN 141-365 push-in breathers (2) $22
PN SD60004 three-piece timing chain cover $180
PN BB61915 timing pointer $35
PN ARP200-7603 valve cover studs $17
PN ARP130-7402 water neck bolts $6
PN 12342031 wire separators $53
TOTAL $702


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