383 Chevy Small Block Engine - All Dressed Up

John Nelson Aug 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
0808chp_03_z 383_chevy_small_block_engine Jegs_dress_up_kit 2/25
0808chp_03_s 383_chevy_small_block_engine Jegs_dress_up_kit 3/25

If you're looking for one-stop shopping of the polished aluminum type, Jegs has got you covered with its Jegs/Wysco Engine Dress-Up Kit. Everything you need to add some underhood flash is here-we'd add one of Jegs' billet aluminum timing pointers ($27) and call it good.

PN 938-1000K Small-Block Chevy Dress-Up Kit
pair aluminum valve covers
pair valve cover breathers
timing cover
water neck
air cleaner
pair spark plug looms
TOTAL $342

0808chp_04_z 383_chevy_small_block_engine Milodon_dress_up_kit 4/25
0808chp_04_s 383_chevy_small_block_engine Milodon_dress_up_kit 5/25

Hot rodders have been slapping chrome Milodon valve covers atop their engines for close to 50 years, so we'd be remiss not to include them here. Of course, the look would be incomplete without a Milodon pan-matching gold iridite timing chain cover. It's a classic look with an attractive price, making it wallet-friendly for everyone.

PN 85800 chrome air cleaner $41
PN 85500 chrome valve covers $54
PN 65720 chrome water neck $23
PN 65555 steel timing cover $38
PN 65510 timing pointer $7
TOTAL $163

0808chp_05_z 383_chevy_small_block_engine Mr_gasket_dress_up_kit 6/25
0808chp_05_s 383_chevy_small_block_engine Mr_gasket_dress_up_kit 7/25

Mr. Gasket
We could have grabbed up one of Mr. Gasket's all-in-one chrome dress-up kits, which go for as low as $85 or so. On the other hand, this veteran company has a wide array of higher-end pieces, so we assembled our own outfit from scratch. Check out the catalog, and you'll see that this is just one of many possible combos.

PN 4598 adjustable timing pointer $9
PN 6854 aluminum valve covers $116
PN 6375 breather grommets $3
PM9115G chrome breather $41
PN 9161G chrome air cleaner, ball-milled $71
PN 9141G chrome aluminum swivel water neck $39
PN 9105G chrome aluminum timing cover $80
PN 9118G chrome PCV breather $42
PN 5335 valve cover hold-downs $13
PN 6016 wire loom kit $17
TOTAL $431


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