383 Chevy Small Block Engine - All Dressed Up

John Nelson Aug 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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If you're at all like us, absolutely immersed in a mad rush to squeeze every last bit of horsepower from our internal combustion creations, how the end result looks often ends up as an afterthought. After all, building a high-performance Chevy powerplant isn't a fashion contest-right? Then again, maybe we're stretching the point just a bit too far. While power is no doubt the bottom line, who among us doesn't like to show off their underhood goods with style? With this concept in mind, we decided to search the aftermarket for a variety of engine dress-up pieces, ultimately coming up with 11 different engine looks, each of which was bolted to the same small-block Chevy and photographed for your perusal.

In undertaking this project, our idea was to come up with a collection of looks that included the following pieces: air cleaner, valve covers, water neck, timing cover, and wire looms or separators. Some of our setups were available in all-included kit form, while others were assembled piece-by-piece from the manufacturers' catalogs. We weren't out to show every combination possible; our idea, rather, was to come up with a variety of differently looks, giving you an overview of the dress-up possibilities available and hopefully stimulating your creative flow as you think about outfitting your own powerplants. After all, there's nothing wrong with going fast, and looking good while doing it.

Quick Notes
What we did
Outfit a 383 small-block with an array of engine dress-up pieces

Bottom Line
There's no reason not to have some engine style with its substance


0808chp_02_z 383_chevy_small_block_engine Edelbrock_dress_up_kit 4/25
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When it comes to Edelbrock's Victor Series dress-up components, it's fair to say black is beautiful. The principal parts are powdercoated, die-cast aluminum with an embossed Edelbrock Racing logo, and the air cleaner comes with a reusable gauze element. The small things count too: We have to admit a fondness for the slick matching breathers.

PN 41613 air cleaner $135
PN 42133 breathers (2) $76
PN 4240 timing cover $82
PN 41733 valve covers $136
PN 4818 water neck $31
PN SUM-G6304 Summit Timing Pointer $2
TOTAL $462




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