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HP Tuners VCM Suite - In A Flash

Exposed: HP Tuners VCM Suite Pro

Brian Reese Apr 30, 2007

HP Tuners LLC, founded in 2003 by Keith Prociuk, Chris Piastri, and Ken Cannata, is one of the youngest aftermarket flash-tuner companies. In the few short years of its existence, HP Tuners has hit the market with some of the most powerful and user-friendly flash-tuning solutions out there. HP Tuners initially shook up the tuning community by offering tuning for vehicle platforms other companies had simply passed over, such as V-6 cars. They didn't stop there. By driving the company on innovation and functionality, and providing first class support services, they've successfully established themselves as a real leader in the tuning market. HP Tuners caters to both the individual tuner and the professional shop with a wide range of price options.

As part of our ongoing flash-tuner series in GMHTP, we jumped at an opportunity to get our hands on a pre-release Beta version of HP Tuners' newest and most powerful tuning solution, VCM Suite Pro with MPVI Pro Interface and 2.1.6 VCM Scanner and Editor software. Keith Prociuk, part owner of HP Tuners and fellow speed addict, was quick to get us set up for our LS7 test guinea pig.

The new MPVI Pro unit is a quality interface with fast USB communication (faster than serial communication of past models), an enhanced input/output (EIO) terminal block, and scan logging keys for eventual black-box capability. Black-box scanning (scanning without a laptop connected) is not functional yet, but should be working with a firmware update later in 2006. The unit includes everything needed to get started, short of the car and a computer. The slick EIO allows integration of wide-band data to the scanner, or any other 0-5 volt signal. A total of four possible analog inputs are supported. The two outputs can be used for any number of tasks, such as an LED or relay control. As HP Tuners promised, the supplied electronic help files explain in detail all the functions and capabilities of the package.

Our testing, scanning, and tuning session went well. The VCM Suite software was very easy to navigate and intuitive to learn. Our ECM reading and flashing took only minutes. For the $649 cost of our tested package, we squeezed almost 16 rwhp out of our test 2006 Z06. Besides the power gain on our otherwise stock car, the residual value of the scanner and our limitless ability to continue to tune the car for further mods makes the package well worth the cost. HP Tuners' "credit" system also enables us to add further capabilities to our unit for future tuning jobs and future vehicles.


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