Cylinder Head Vital Specs - Power Curves

We Measure All Vital Specs on 8 Cylinder Heads

Bob Mehlhoff Jun 19, 2006 0 Comment(s)


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The Scoggin-Dickey modified Vortec cylinder head was one of our price leaders at just $680 per pair. To allow the use of a 0.525-inch-lift hydraulic camshaft with these Vortec heads, Scoggin-Dickey adds high-performance late-model Z28 valvesprings with lightweight LT4 retainers and machines the valve guides for clearance. These heads produced an average torque number of 445 lb-ft, a large portion of it near the lower rpm band. Peak horsepower for this head ran in at 430, with an average of 392 at all measured points from 3,300 to 6,100 rpm. These heads make a great choice for a budget-built street car where good torque is needed. The use of these heads requires a special Vortec intake manifold and recommended head bolt kit. For our dyno run we used an Edelbrock Vortec Performer RPM Air Gap.


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