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Choosing the right power adder for your application isn't easy--you need facts, facts, and more facts to make an informed decision. To help you in the research phase, we've compiled the following section of hop-up parts and all the cool details about each one, straight from the manufacturers. We hope this will help answer many of your questions, enabling you to achieve your performance goals. And if your favorite speed merchant's parts aren't shown, check out the end of the section, where you'll find a listing of every power adder company we could think of. Just remember to use that newfound power wisely. Now go have fun.

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LS1 671 or 871 blower kit
New from Blower Drive Service, the LS1 671 or 871 blower kit, utilizing our new Air Loc-design rotor. Our initial testing has shown a 40-percent increase in horsepower over stock. Blower systems are available in carbureted or electronic fuel injection versions. Whether you want to enhance your performance or you want maximum power, B.D.S. can supply you with bolt-on performance.

Manufacturing parts and providing repair services for the last 35 years, we offer a full line of blower kits for all types of engines, from AMC to Cadillac. B.D.S. kits are known for their easy bolt-on assembly. When you are looking for more horsepower, call B.D.S., because we are committed to delivering horsepower.

We can recommend the best system for your stock or race engine. Providing mild to wild systems is what we do best. Call B.D.S. or send $5 for your new B.D.S. catalog.

For More Info Go To: www.blowerdriveservice.com


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The Blower Shop
With the success of our 192 and 250 Low Profile Superchargers, we felt the next logical step was to incorporate the same state-of-the-art machining technique and high-quality material in the development of our larger 6-71 through 14-71 blowers. The use of this material allows us to CNC-machine it to a much closer tolerance than a cast case would allow.

Castings are susceptible to a few undesirable traits: distortion, core shifts, and porosity. Bar stock, having a longitudinal grain structure, provides a more stable and consistent property, which not only provides greater strength, but resists distortion during the machining process. Plus, this lack of porosity allows a polished finish far superior to a casting. This case, combined with our proven Billet bearing plates and front cover, produces a solid piece of machinery that truly looks as well as it works. Options, including full Teflon or O.D. strips in rotors, are available. Please call (661) 229-5483 for price and availability.

For More Info Go To: www.theblowershop.com


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Nitrous HP Camshaft Series
Nitrous HP cams, as the name would imply, are designed to greatly enhance the performance of nitrous-assisted and boosted (supercharged and/or turbocharged) engines. COMP Cams engineers created these camshafts to pack a denser air/fuel mixture into the combustion chamber, yet still do a great job of removing the spent exhaust charge after ignition.

Nitrous HP cams feature increased duration to help optimize exhaust scavenging under boost or when nitrous oxide is used. By opening the exhaust valve several crankshaft degrees earlier, the engine is better able to scavenge larger amounts of the exhaust gases resulting from added fuel and nitrous oxide. In addition, the camshaft's reduced overlap design increases engine vacuum, a critical requirement with street-based engines where power brakes and other add-on accessories require vacuum to operate. Best of all, engines equipped with Nitrous HP camshafts sound great--the other critical requirement with street-bound performance applications--resulting from the camshaft's earlier exhaust opening and longer duration. For more information about Nitrous HP cams or any COMP Cams products, call our toll-free CAM HELP tech line at (800) 999-0853.

For More Info Go To: www.compcams.com


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Demon Blow-through Carburetor
The Mighty Demon Blow-through carburetor is developed for turbocharged and centrifugally supercharged applications. With an innovative throttle-shaft sealing arrangement, this carburetor is suited for pressurized environments, and is used in conjunction with the carburetor bonnets or enclosures from all leading forced-induction manufacturers. It features pressure-sealed throttle shafts with fuel curve and metering circuits calibrated specifically for turbo and supercharged applications. Mechanically operated secondaries provide instant response. Solid fuel floats permit the use of all racing and street gasoline, as well as methanol, without the risk of deterioration or distortion under boost. Patented streamlined air entries and concentric venturii provide excellent fuel distribution and consistent air-fuel ratios to each cylinder. Four-corner idle, large float-bowl windows, IdleEze valve, replaceable air bleeds, and idle-feed restrictors make tuning quick and easy. For more information, contact Barry Grant, Inc. at (706) 864-8544, or visit www.barrygrant.com.
* Bonnet not included with carburetor.

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GM LS1 System
Press this button and get 125 hp! NitrousWorks now offers a new nitrous kit specifically calibrated for the LS1 engine. This kit is capable of adding 75-, 100-, or 125hp boosts to all '97-and-later Corvettes, '98-and-later Camaros & Firebirds, and '96-and-later Chevy GMC trucks. The system, which includes a single, patented Power Wing nozzle and injects both fuel and nitrous, is easy to install in the air-intake tract, and provides one of the safest horsepower increases available. It is compatible with OEM engine components and does not require an additional fuel pressure regulator or upgrade.

The kit includes: one Power Wing nozzle, calibrated jets, solenoids, a hose, a filter, hardware, instructions, a 14-foot/4AN stainless bottle-feed line, and a 10-pound-capacity bottle. Conversion kits are also available less the bottle, brackets, and bottle-feed line--just add the letter "A" to the part number (13075).

For More Info Go To: www.barrygrant.com



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