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Defining Which Fan You Should Use In Your Corvette

Wayne Scraba Jun 16, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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It's no secret that electric fans are pretty much the norm today, particularly with modified Corvettes or late-model jobs. But there's a catch when it comes to fans: You have to get something with sufficient power to cool the car, but at the same time, get something that doesn't have a ridiculously high amperage draw. This is critical for many cars because of the drain on the charging system. Companies such as Ron Davis Racing Products have spent considerable time researching cooling fans with these criteria. Davis offers a trio of fans-12-inch, 14-inch, and 16-inch diameters. Specs are as follows:

Corp_1008_06_o Corvette_engine_fan Front_shot 2/10

All of the above have a low-amp draw, but Ron points out that one of the other secrets to properly cooling a high-performance car is to effectively seal the radiator to the fan. Typically, this is accomplished by way of an integral shroud surrounding the electric fan (as shown here with this Davis-built radiator). The shroud simply allows the largest volume of air to be pulled through the rad (typically in a pull-through application).


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