Trailer Security Guide - Car Trailer Basics 101, Part III

Equipping Your Trailer & Tow Rig For Maximum Security

Rich Lagasse May 10, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Sometimes we have a tendency to over-complicate things unnecessarily, when a simpler and more straight-forward approach would work best. The most effective systems are often the simplest. Ravelco's approach just made sense to us.

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Installing the Ravelco System
Here's the link to Ravelco's main web site with additional details: The system is reasonably priced with the unit, including installation, for most vehicles running about $400. The system isn't a do-it-yourself installation, as another unique aspect to this product is that the installer will come to your home or workplace to install it. We thought that was a unique approach and found their closest location to us was in Somerville, Massachusetts. Most of Ravelco's distributors have a mobile unit for installation, and their web site has a list of their dealers for your area. Here is the link to Northeast Ravelco's web site:

We scheduled the installation and, right on schedule, Dave arrived with the system and all the tools necessary. A typical installation takes 3-4 hours, so there's quite a bit involved. The process itself is unique and proprietary, so I obviously won't go into how the system is installed. I can't say enough about how impressed we were with Dave's knowledge, professionalism, and level of detail in installing the unit. The unit can be installed either with a bracket mounted beneath the dash or, in many vehicles, in the dash. We thought it would look more like a factory installation and a bit easier to use if we mounted the plug in the dash. A simple and uniquely coded plug is all that is used to activate or disengage the system. Of all the systems we found, we feel comfortable that we've made a good choice with Ravelco. You may even be eligible for a discount on your comprehensive insurance coverage, which can be an added benefit.

If all else fails: It's been said, and certainly it's a bit depressing to know, that a professional thief may have the means to steal most any vehicle. That said, it doesn't mean that steps can't be taken to reduce the likelihood of their being successful or at least inducing them to move on to an easier target. In the event that all else fails and theft occurs, here are some steps to take:

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Contact the police immediately. The more quickly a theft is reported the better the chance of recovery. Provide a complete description of the vehicle including any unique identifying features.

Be prepared with the VIN numbers of your truck and trailer and your plate numbers. Some sources suggest carrying your registration and insurance card with you.

Contact your insurance agent or insurance carrier. Keep their phone numbers handy. Your insurance often provides you with coverage for alternative transportation and temporary living expenses.

None of these security systems are inexpensive, so it boils down to a matter of how secure you feel your current measures are and to weigh any systems cost versus the value you have to protect. No doubt, most everyone with a classic car has insurance coverage with Agreed Value theft coverage. But insurance won't stop a thief, and if the car can't be recovered, you can't replace your unique classic. At least we now have the peace of mind that we've done all we can reasonably do to protect ourselves. We hope you can benefit from our research and the approaches we've taken to better secure our trailer and truck. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Just contact us through our web site at:
In the two previous articles on the subject of car trailers and towing, we've addressed considerations in buying a car trailer for your Corvette (June 2006) and setting up your tow vehicle and trailer (July 2006). These are available at the web site and the direct links are:


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