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Project C5X Gets A New Head And Cam Upgrade For Some Serious Power

Alan L. Colvin Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Strapping Project C4orce on the dyno for the last time was bittersweet. After putting an initial computer program together for the modifications we installed, we started tuning for drivability and making sure everything was running properly mechanically. After all the prelims were out of the way, we started turning the wick up and began tuning for power. It is very important to correctly tune a combination like this for reliability, drivability and power. With Geoff's years of experience in tuning LS engines and having gone through proper tuning classes over the years from prominent OEM calibrators, we correctly dialed in the computer system for years of fun and reliable driving times as the new owner, Roger Less, will quickly attest to. The final dyno numbers on Project C5X came out to be 411 RWHP, which was 116 more horsepower than stock. The tune in the car was so consistent that after the Roger took delivery of the car in Colorado, he had it tested and tweaked for his altitude change and his tuner came up with the same 411 RWHP figure. Right on!

Corp_1005_08 2000_chevrolet_corvette Heads_and_cam 2/23

On a closing note and with a tear in his eye...to Project C5X from Geoff Skorupa, God Bless and God Speed!




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