Corvette Weekend Projects 2010

It's time to head out to the garage again and get started on some projects

Tom Benford Mar 17, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Project 1: Radiator Replacement
Applicable Years: C3
Skill level: 2 Wrenches
Tools required: sockets, ratchet, wrenches, catch basin, screwdrivers, pliers
Time required: 4-5 hours
Parts source: DeWitts Reproductions

Some of the radiator seams on my '76 Shark were starting to show tell-tale stains from dried antifreeze in a couple of spots, telling me this radiator was ready to pop the next time I had to sit in traffic on a 90-degree day. Owing to some engine performance work, it runs a bit on the warm side, so I decided to replace the stock radiator with an all-aluminum racing unit from DeWitt's Reproductions. Since this car also has factory air, there were a couple of extra steps you won't have to perform on a non-A/C car. Either way, it's not terribly difficult, but it is a bit involved and will take up the better part of a Saturday when you do it.




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