Classic Corvette Chassis - The Triple Threat Advantage

Making Your Classic Corvette Handle Better

John Carollo Mar 1, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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You'll also be happy to know there is no cutting of any fiberglass body parts required for mounting the TTA under stock or stock appearing bodies. Likewise, no relocation of the battery is required. The Triple Threat Advantage chassis also offers use of stock fuel tanks, bumpers, brackets, and even emergency brake mounts as other valuable features.

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When ordering a TTA, there is a surprising amount of flexibility for chassis component options. Owners can work with the chassis builders and set up exactly what suspension systems will be used on their new chassis. The TTA is the first of a number of chassis from this group. Got a fancy for building a C1 with a straight axle? They can do it. Thinking about going the opposite direction and having a C1 with C6 suspension? Yep, they have that, too. Vintage racers who need a better chassis yet have to use OEM steering boxes and related parts and this chassis will work there as well. You can order your Triple Threat Advantage pretty much any way you want it. So instead of thinking about all those dreamy new parts and if they'd fit your Corvette, think how you can order a better chassis and know those parts will fit.




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