Classic Corvette Chassis - The Triple Threat Advantage

Making Your Classic Corvette Handle Better

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Ruth And Jamieson-Who Are These Guys?
Ruth Restorations, Inc has been in business for 50 years just outside Cleveland, Ohio. It all started in 1958 when Bob Ruth, already a road racer running 290hp fuelie Corvettes, worked on other racers' cars and developed a name for himself. A service station quickly became too small for all the work he was doing on SCCA racers wrecking their Corvettes on weekends and other Corvette owners. It wasn't long before son Craig got into the business and armed with an engineering degree, starting looking at race frames for the early cars as an option to the original, rust prone frame. The biggest thing that demanded improvement was the main framerails followed by a better degree of adjustability for the suspension. Craig came up with the initial design and contacted long time friend and fabricator, Andrew Jamieson.

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Andrew and his dad, Richard, make up Jamieson Fabrication Unlimited, a state of the art fabrication shop in Richland, Michigan. They make custom, one-off fixtures and prototypes for all applications and offer machining services. It's a father and son business with over 70 years of combined experience in fabricating, machining, and engineering. They make custom tube chassis, fixture tube chassis, suspensions, rollbars and rollcages to NHRA and SCCA specs, fuel and oil tank fabrication, exhaust systems with custom styles, R&D and prototype work for multiple industries. Another valuable asset to Jamieson is Jordan Vanbelle, whose experience in body and paint keep those aspects involved in the design of all products. Ruth Restorations, Inc., Ruth Engineering & Racing, Inc., and Jamieson Fabrication Unlimited are the distributors of the Triple Threat Advantage Corvette chassis.


Jamieson Fabrication Unlimited
Richland, MI 49083
Ruth Engineering & Racing, Inc
Grafton, AK 44044




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