Corvette Carburetor Rebuild - Carter AFB Blueprint Rebuild

High-Performance Carburetor From The 327 V-8 Heydays

Moses Ludel Dec 30, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Working on an AFB requires a clean workspace and good lighting. Adjustments demand the right gauges and linkage-bending wrenches. Once disassembled, the carburetor needs caustic soaking to remove gum, varnish, and fuel deposits. Safer cleaners meet California standards and do not soak into your garage walls and floors. Read labels carefully, and use protective measures. Fumes and leaded fuel deposits are hazardous. Use appropriate gloves, eye protection, and a respirator when advisable.

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Always rebuild an AFB to factory standards and tolerances. Use the Corvette workshop manual and the instruction sheet found in a quality rebuild kit. A rebuild can restore horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, and contribute to driving fun. When a simple ignition tune-up fails to deliver, consider rebuilding the carburetor. Toss in a new fuel filter, too, and see what a fresh Carter AFB can do!

Carburetor overhaul kits: See your local NAPA (Echlin) retailer.




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