C5 Stinger Hood - Sting(er) Like A Bee

A Trick Stinger Hood Upgrade For Your C5

Tom Benford Feb 8, 2010 0 Comment(s)
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Upgrading the hood of your Corvette is a sure-fire way to give it a distinctive look that sets it apart from other Corvettes. There are many different styles of aftermarket hoods available for C4, C5, and C6 Corvettes, and many give the additional clearance needed if you're installing a supercharger or turbo setup; however, you don't need these mods to change your hood-just the desire to give your ride a different look. I always liked the aggressive look of the stinger hood on my big-block '67 427 Corvette, so that's the look I wanted to endow my C5 with. The hood came from Vanacor's Corvette Parts, and to make the installation a bit easier, I obtained hinges and latches from Contemporary Corvette. After fitting the new hood, the car was driven to Ultimate Collision Center where the prep, paint, striping, and re-installation was performed using DuPont Automotive paint products exclusively.

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Anytime you're installing aftermarket fiberglass parts, a lot of massaging is required to get the fit and finish the best it can be, and installing this hood was no exception. However, it's best to get all the fitting done prior to painting so that you don't inadvertently mess up that nice new paint job. Just make sure to scribe marks for the hinge and latch locations on the hood once you're satisfied with the fit. So, here's what it took to do the job.

Difficulty Index - 2 Wrenches
Anyone’s Project: no tools required1 Wrench
Beginner: basic tools2 Wrenches
Experienced: special tools3 Wrenches
Accomplished: special tools and outside help4 Wrenches
Professionals Only: send this work out5 Wrenches

Things You Need To Have
Tools: ratchet/sockets, drill
Time: 1-2 hours (not counting paint shop time)




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