Corvette Track Testing - Passing The Test

You Need A Plan To Test Your Race Car

Richard Newton Dec 2, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Test Timeline
9:30 - The track doesn't open until noon, but Danny has all three cars out of the trailers and ready to go. All of the pit boxes are in place. We're talking serious organization here.

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11:00 - The #33 Corvette (Joe's car) gets all new brake rotors and pads. This takes Danny about twelve minutes. The best part is that he can carry on a conversation while he does it. Twelve minutes for a complete brake job-damn.

11:45 - The #33 and the #39 Corvettes are fired up and brought up to temperature.

12:00 - Joe Cauley and Danny are the first drivers out on the track. They're running about 80 percent of what they're capable of. Just slow, consistent laps. There's nothing to prove here.

12:30 - Both cars pull back into the pits. The #39 car (the one with the new engine) has a miss. It's not a bad miss-it's just that it doesn't seem to be running on all eight cylinders all the time. Joe says that the car is loading up in corners and has a unique crackle in the exhaust sound. Basically, something just isn't right. The first go around with an infrared scanner shows all of the exhaust pipes with the same temperature. Danny explains this simply means that all of the pipes are heat soaked. We have to let the car cool down and then fire it up again to isolate the cylinder.

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Danny's car (#37) is not displaying axle and transmission temperatures. DJ Racing has temperature sensors for both the transmission and the rear axle. Your C5 only has one? Oh well. Remember I said that DJ Racing was thorough.

12:45 - While the #39 Corvette cools down, the #37 car goes up on jackstands. It's time to determine why there are no temperature readings in Danny's Corvette. It turns out that the sensors are dead. There's no real reason for this, except maybe they got damaged somehow in the rebuild process. At any rate, this is something that can be taken care of later this evening. Today's track time won't create enough heat to be a problem. These sensors will be needed during the next several days, but not today. This isn't the time, or place, to replace them.

12:55 - Danny fires up the #39 car again to check on the engine miss. This time all of the exhaust pipes went to 450 degrees-except for the #8 cylinder, which never even got to 250 degrees. Time to pull the plug and see what it looks like. It's wet. The rocker arm cover now comes off and we get a real surprise. The rocker arm adjuster nut is broken. Danny says he's never seen that happen before. A new experience for Danny-now that's really something unique.

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Danny makes a quick decision that only two cars will be used for the upcoming weekend. Jeff Cauley's weekend is over before he even arrives at the track. On the other hand, this is not the time to destroy a motor. The Cauleys do this for fun.

2:10 - Danny's Corvette (#37) takes to the track. The #33 car of Joe Cauley quickly follows it.

2:28 - Both cars come back in and everything looks fine. They were both running about 230 degrees at speed. At full race speed, the temperatures usually run about 250 degrees. Remember, this is a test session and the cars are at only about 80 percent today.


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