Corvette Track Testing - Passing The Test

You Need A Plan To Test Your Race Car

Richard Newton Dec 2, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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2:35 - Danny notices that the left front brake rotor on his car is cracked. Not just a little crack-but a huge crack. For some reason, DJ Racing cracks a whole lot of rotors every spring. Then, as suddenly as this cracking begins, it all stops. Once they get to the first week in June, they seldom crack another rotor. Try and figure that one out. It may have something to do with the cars living through a Michigan winter. The combination of moisture and cold air during the winter may have something to do with it.

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4:00 - We finally break for lunch. Damn. These guys are focused.

The really interesting thing is that on Sunday, no one even shows up at the track until 11:00. They roll the car covers off and fire up the cars. While everyone else is working on their cars, Joe and Danny are still home in bed. This is a no drama team. All of the work was completed before race day. I guess that's the point of a good testing program.

Danny's Three Rules of Testing
1. Have a plan-with specific goals-before you even arrive at the track

2. Stick to the plan, but be cognizant of other things that may be going on. It's OK to change a plan, but remember you first need a plan.

3. Keep detailed records of what takes place. DJ Racing has the most complete notes of any race team I've ever seen. There are shelves in Danny's office that hold a huge number of notebooks. Danny can tell you the tire pressures that he used in 1989 at the June Mid-Ohio race. You don't have to be quite that good, but you at least need to try.

Who's Who?
Three identical Corvettes are fun to sort out. You can really only tell them apart by the numbers. OK, I can only tell them apart by the numbers. Danny and Joe don't seem to have this problem.


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