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Want To Swap In An Overdrive Automatic?
For at least the last couple of decades, GM's overdrive automatics have been swapped into cars and trucks that used to house TurboHydraMatics or Powerglides. There's more to these swaps than the OD gearboxes' fuel-saving top gears, and Cliff Ruggles' GM Automatic Overdrive Transmission Builder's and Swapper's Guide spells it all out.

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In this book-another CarTech Books "Performance How-To" volume-Ruggles focuses on the 700R4 and the electronically-controlled 4L60E, both derived from the tried-and-true Turbo 350. There's a chapter detailing the history of these automatics and the changes and upgrades GM made to them, as well as a chapter on the tools you'll need to rebuild one of these "boxes." The chapter on rebuilding is the heart of this book, and it's filled with color pictures, illustrations and related sidebars-which will make this book a vital reference not only to first-time rebuilders, but also to experienced transmission technicians alike.

You'll also find a chapter on proper transmission removal and installation, as well as one on shift kits and a detailed chapter covering torque converters. In back, there's a bonus section (authored by former SIM editor Ro McGonegal) that covers swapping these later-model GM automatics into earlier-model cars and trucks, including a full-page color montage of the various bellhousing bolt patterns GM's overdrive automatics use, and a swapper's source guide that lists companies whose products and services will make your swapping go easy. Transmisison rebuilding and swapping can be straight-forward, and-thanks to Cliff's book-it can be done easily, with smoother shifts, better fuel mileage, and increased performance as a result.

Supercharging for the Street? Why Not!
Pat Ganahl's A Complete Guide to Street Supercharging has been the standard reference work for those looking to force-feed more air and fuel into their engine for more power. Now, thanks to CarTech Books, it's been updated with color pictures throughout, plus new info on centrifugal superchargers (and how to get the most from them).

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The chapters on blower basics and supercharging history-both OEM and aftermarket-and how blowers work are still there, and they've been joined by a detailed chapter covering the latest centrifugal blowers like Vortech's, Paxton's and ProCharger's recent products. That's along with a big chapter on vintage superchargers-with a must-read section on what to look for, and look out for, in a used supercharger-as well as chapters on Roots-type superchargers (think GMC blowers), and screw-type superchargers like those from Whipple and Kenne-Bell. Finally, there's a chapter on building the supercharged engine that covers what you need to assemble an engine that will not only make best use of the force-fed fuel-and-air mixture coming in from the blower, but will survive without pinging or grenading. A good read through this book will answer a lot of questions you might have about supercharging-and maybe inspire you to add one of these power-adders to your Vette.

Push-Button Power: The Hows and Whys
While we're talking about power adders, let's not forget the one that's no laughing matter: Nitrous oxide injection, the push-button power adder. Unfortunately, some ill-advised or under-informed people have used it not to add power, but to distribute their engine's internal parts in as many outward directions as possible. They haven't read a tutorial like Jeff Hartman's Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook, now available from Motorbooks.

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In it, Jeff delivers a treasure-trove of information about nitrous oxide-its early uses in aircraft engines, the physics and chemistry behind it, its performance potential, and nitrous-system architecture. That's before he gets into the details of installing, tuning, and optimizing a nitrous system, the "rocket science" of nitrous oxide injection, and a chapter of frequently asked questions which you may want to read first!

Like the other books on the shelf this time, the Nitrous Oxide Performance Handbook would make a great teaching text in any auto-shop class, and it will make a valuable addition to your reference library-especially if you're not considering adding nitrous oxide injection to your Vette yet. Read this book, and you'll have the understanding you'll need when you finally decide to add this power adder to your Corvette.


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