C3 Transmission Swap - Grabbin' New Gears, Part 2

As Promised, We Take Keisler Engineering's New T45-RS For A Test Drive

Alan L. Colvin Nov 17, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Out on the expressway, the T45-RS performed very well with no complaints. Whether at low or high speeds, I could hear absolutely no gear whine whatsoever. In fact, this transmission is one of the quietest transmissions I have driven in any vehicle...ever. Even at high speed at 75-80 MPH, there still was no indication of any vibration through the shifter and that fact truly surprised me. Most cars have some drivetrain vibration at some point in their power curve (especially manually-equipped cars) but I never found it with the T45-RS and I was truly amazed by that fact. I drove the car for about an hour and I enjoyed every minute of it. In fact, I may just use this transmission for one of our new project cars this coming year.

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At the end of the day the bottom line was clear; If you are looking for a manual overdrive transmission that shifts great, can handle adequate power without breaking, is dependable, durable, has all the latest upgrades and features expected in today's transmissions, has a warranty and costs about $1000 less than a TKO package, then the new Keisler T45-RS should be a serious consideration for your next C3 Corvette project. One last thing: We videotaped the test drive and we now have the drive on corvettefever.com as well as the keislertv.com website. You can also see the two Keisler versions of the drive on youtube.com so check it out.




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