Corvette Book Guide - The Top Shelf, Volume Four

More Books For Vette Builders, Restorers And Racers

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How to Autocross
CarTech Books
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How to Have Fun
Corvette owners who've autocrossed their Vettes over the years might think that's a better title for this work, but How To Autocross is the title of Andrew Howe's new book that covers just about every aspect of this very popular motor sport.

Howe covers everything you need to know to get behind the wheel and start carving the course. It includes chapters that cover autocrossing basics, car control (beginning and advanced), driving, car set-up basics, plus chapters on preparing and tuning your car for stock and "beyond stock" classes. There's also a chapter on getting help via driving schools, data logging and how to get more seat time, as well as one that covers SCCA Divisional and National Tour events and SCCA's Solo and ProSolo series. You'll also see tips on how to mount a camera aboard your car, how to ballast your car even if class rules forbid adding or shifting any ballast, and the health of your wheels and tires.

Experienced Corvette autocrossers say this is the best way to enjoy "America's Only True Sports Car" to its fullest, and Howe's book is a must-read for novices and experienced autocrossers alike...

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Corvette Black Book 1953-2009
$17.99 + Shipping

The Argument Ender
That's one term that comes to mind when you mention Mike Antonick's Corvette Black Book to Corvette lovers. That's because it contains year-by-year sections on each Corvette and the unique features, options, colors and interior trims were offered each year. Mike's updated it to include 2009 model-year info--everything except production totals for a model year that hasn't ended (as of this writing).

It also gives you the Manufacturers' Suggested List Price and production numbers for each year and body style Corvette, plus Regular Production Option (RPO) code numbers for factory-installed options and exterior/interior colors, along with how many Vettes were built with them; VIN number and casting number info for each year; facts about each year's Corvette; plus a detailed Corvette glossary, chronology, and historic dates.

The Corvette Black Book fits easily into a pocket or camera bag for ready reference away from home. With it, you'll have all the facts needed not only to verify the original equipment of that Corvette that you've spotted in Carlisle's cars-for-sale corral, but to end arguments among Vette lovers and other car people over what was offered when.


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