C1 Corvette Interior - Overhauling A Friend's '59 Vette, The Finale

Rob Sutter's '59 Gets A New Interior Plus Other Goodies To Finish Off What Started As A Simple Engine Swap

Dick Moritz Aug 4, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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The new carpet kit, courtesy of Corvette Central, came cut and bound so installation was a virtual drop-in job.

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The finished interior is a work of art, with newly-refinished gauge cluster, seat covers, steering column and wheel, and new carpet kit (with carpet mats in place to protect our new original-look carpets.

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Joe Drum is one of Rob's friends who helped with the original reassembly of this basket-case '59. Joe actually applied this paint thirty years ago and polished it just before the surprise party presenting the finished car back to Rob. Joe jokes that he waited this long to buff the paint out "just to be sure it had enough time to dry."

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One last surprise awaited Rob at the unveiling of his newly resto-modded '59. A custom-made trunk board included the logos of many of the suppliers who supported the project, along with the autographs of key players in the surprise, include that of CF editor Alan Colvin.

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The original '59 speedometer was not in bad shape cosmetically, but was totally inoperative. Clearly the years had taken their toll, and Corvette Specialties' Brian Tilles told us that this is very common in these older units.

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Likewise the original tach looked pretty good, but Brian said it would have howled like a banshee if not overhauled, and removing the cluster a second time to get the tach out again is a job we sure didn't want to do.


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