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New Options Help You Reupholster Your Seats

John Pfanstiehl Jun 22, 2009 0 Comment(s)
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Remove any hog rings that attach to the "ribbon" springs on the seat foam. Tip: Clamp a large pair of vise-grips on the rings and twist to easily pry the rings off. Remove any hog rings that attach the seat covers to the seat frame. The back covers can now be removed.

Seat Reupholstery Options
A. Drive To A Corvette Show. Your seats can be recovered while you wait at the big Corvette shows. Call to find what shows your supplier attends and schedule the work well in advance. What could be easier? Plus, it gives you an excuse to go to a major Corvette event. While you walk around seeing all sorts of exciting things, very experienced technicians will be professionally refurbishing your interior. And there will be no excuses as to proper fit. After all, the people who make and sell the covers will be installing them. The only downside: the chance of inclement weather.

B. Order Seat Covers And Take Them To A Local Trim Shop. This is the next-to-the-easiest option. Sure, you have to drop your Corvette off at the shop and pick it up later but it still may take less time than a drive to a distant Corvette event. The cons: (a) the shop may not give a firm price if they haven't installed that brand covers before and (b) unless they're a Corvette specialist, they may not have stock to replace any missing or broken parts.

C. Remove The Seats And Send To The Supplier. The pros: your car stays safely in the garage, no excuses about getting a proper fit, and the assembler has any needed extra parts. You do unbolt and remove the seats but you may not even have to box them. Some shippers will take the upper and lower cushions with just an address tag wired on. However, once reupholstered, the seats will be returned with protective packaging.

D. Order Covers With The Foam Installed. This is a terrific new option. Installing the foam to the seat cover was the most difficult and time-consuming part of the project for me. Shipping costs are low because they are only one-way and the seat frames are not shipped.

E. Order Covers And Foam Separately. This is clearly the least costly option. If you're up for a new challenge and want to try something new, go for it. The rest of the article shows each step in the process. You'll impress your friends and relatives when they see the beautiful new seats and when you modestly say "Yeah, I guess I did a pretty good job."




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