C5 Tires Noise Comparison - The Quest For Quiet

Defining The Noise Differences Of Many Select C5 Tires

Tom Benford Feb 1, 2009 0 Comment(s)

The Kudos
Any time a testing program of this scope and purpose is performed, the cooperation of several individuals working in concert is required to achieve the desired end result. It's appropriate to take the time and space to thank these people here and now for their efforts, cooperation, and interest in making these tests accurate and meaningful: Mark Cherveny and Jim Davis at Goodyear, Ron DeSmedt at Contemporary Corvette, David Walker at Zip Products, Matt Edmonds at Tire Rack, Mike Park at Kumho, Lynne Slovick and Nicolas Goubert at Michelin, Shari McCullough on behalf of Firestone, and Kelly Wiard at Tire Rack for providing the excellent high-res images of our test tires.

In Conclusion
The perception and importance of how quiet your C5 tires are should be balanced by other factors, not the least of which is price. Since petroleum is used to a large extent for the manufacture of tires, with the current price of oil, the price of tires is a major factor to consider. The confidence that run-flats inspire should be balanced with the economic considerations that non-run-flats sell for considerably less than their run-flat counterparts. Also take into consideration that today's tire technology is vastly superior to what it was a couple of decades ago, so the possibility/probability of a blow-out is not too much of a concern these days. Couple that with the fact that the TPMS of your C5 will alert you if tire pressure falls below 25 psi, so you'll have a decent window to pull over before doing any damage to your tire or wheel. If you carry a small hot (jumper) box with a built-in compressor or a dedicated battery-operated compressor in your C5, you should be able to inflate and maintain enough tire pressure to get you to a service area or gas station so the puncture can be sealed. Or, you can always call AAA and have the C5 flat-bedded to your local garage or home. Certainly, the noise level of run-flats vs. non-run-flats shouldn't be the deciding-or only-factor in making the replacement tire choice for your C5.

We hope these test results and the information presented here help you make an informed decision when it's time to replace your C5 tires, whether they're run-flats or non-run-flats.


Tire Rack
South Bend, IN 46628
Zip Products
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
Contemporary Corvette
Bristol, PA 19007
Kumho USA
Fairlawn, OH 44333
Tire Craft of Point
Pleasant, NJ
Martel Electronics Inc.
Londonderry, NH
Firestone USA




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