Project C5X Baer Brake Rotor Install - Braking News

Project C5X Gets New Baer Brake Rotors And Pads

Alan Colvin Jan 5, 2009 0 Comment(s)

- Two-piece (aluminum hat and iron disc) rotors provide LITE direct replacement for OE applications
- Increased diameter rotor upgrade systems employing OEM calipers
- Increased rotor diameter means greater leverage and improved brake torque
- Rotors are larger than the OE units they replace and are designed for use with larger-than-stock wheels
- Includes specialized caliper hardware to properly accommodate installation
- Are always directional with curved vanesCross-drilled, slotted, and zinc-coated surfaces

We decided to install the EradiSpeed-PLUS-TWO system on Project C5X, which means we had to suspend the suspension either on jackstands or on a lift. The job is pretty straightforward and can be easily accomplished on a Saturday afternoon. Our thanks go to Dutch Miller at Baer Brakes for his help on this article. Now let's get right into the brake upgrade.




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