New C4 Exhaust System - More Bark With Your Bite, Part 1

New C4 Exhaust System Adds Power And PRRRRR

Dick Moritz Sep 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)
Corp_0809_07_z New_c4_exhaust_system Left_side_exhaust_manifold 2/30

The left-side exhaust manifold lifted out easily without the need to remove the alternator, just the bracket mentioned previously. We were even able to leave the spark plug wires installed while removing the left-side manifold, but we did have to remove them and the spark plugs, on both sides of the engine, in order to position the new headers.

Corp_0809_08_z New_c4_exhaust_system Catalytic_converter 3/30

The high-performance catalytic converter from Random Technologies is more than just another replacement converter. In our discussions with the folks at Random, we were impressed with the depth of their knowledge in overall engine management and how it must be carefully integrated with various performance parts so everything works in harmony.

Parts ListStainless WorksC48591 '85-'91 Corvette headers plus Y-pipe/ThermalcoatNBC250 (4) accuseal high torque band clampEBC250 (2) accuseal wide high torque band clampRandom Technology191-30001 high-performance catalytic converter w/accy'sMid America Motorworks628-096 Corsa exhaust system cat-back603-930 catalytic converter hose kit614-559 (2) muffler insulatorsLocal speed shopARP header bolt kitHeader gasket setLocal Chevy dealerDipstick tube

Tools Of The TradeIn addition to everyday hand tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and sockets, you'll also need:5/16-inch, 12-point, 1/4-inch drive socket for header bolts1/4-inch open end or box wrench for hose clamps for A.I.R. hoseTorx T-20 socketCut-off wheelImprovised spark plug wrench




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