Installing a Tremec 5-Speed in Project C4orce

We Install A Classic Motorsports Group Five-Speed Transmission Package In Project C4orce And Send The Old, Troublesome 4+3 Packing

Dave Emanuel Aug 25, 2008 0 Comment(s)

All in all, installation of Classic Motorsports Group 5-speed's TKO kit is a straightforward task that is a no-brainer for anyone with a reasonable amount of wrench-turning experience. The kit is supplied with excellent instructions, and the modifications required to install the transmission behind an LSx engine are minimal. Any question as to whether the additional effort required to install a TKO transmission (as opposed to a rebuilt 4+3) is justified, is emphatically answered during the first few minutes in the driver's seat. The TKO's smooth, positive shifting, combined with no surprises as to which gear has been selected, makes driving much more enjoyable. And the fact that you have to be stupid, completely uncoordinated, or both in order to damage the transmission allows you to repeatedly enjoy vigorous acceleration without fear of suffering the effects of automotive edentulism (if you're wondering, edentulism is the condition of being toothless). Purists may cringe at the thought of replacing an original 4+3 with a TKO 5-speed, but if you want to drive a C4 and enjoy the experience, it's clearly the right thing to do.


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