Installing a Tremec 5-Speed in Project C4orce

We Install A Classic Motorsports Group Five-Speed Transmission Package In Project C4orce And Send The Old, Troublesome 4+3 Packing

Dave Emanuel Aug 25, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Bolting the transmission into Project C4orce required a few alterations to the standard installation, necessitated by the LSx engine. The Tuned Port engine that had been residing in Project C4orce's engine bay was fitted with a 153-tooth flywheel, so the original bellhousing couldn't be used. In its place, we installed a traditional, old school, small-block bellhousing designed for a 168-tooth flywheel and mechanical throw-out bearing. These bellhousings are relatively easy to find and are reasonably priced.

However, since these bellhousings have been designed to work with mechanical clutch linkage, they have no provision for mounting a slave cylinder, which is required with a hydraulic throw-out bearing. That problem is easily resolved by installing McLeod part number 1363 and routing the hydraulic lines through the opening in the bellhousing that was formerly occupied by a clutch fork.

Pilot bearing location is another issue that must be addressed during installation of a transmission designed for a traditional small-block. Standard bearing location in an LSx crankshaft is farther forward than in a Gen I small-block, so if a traditional-style bellhousing is bolted to the rear of an LSx engine, the input shaft on a Gen I-compatible transmission isn't long enough to engage the pilot bearing. The remedy for this is to install GM pilot bearing number 12557583, which is designed to fit the larger diameter bore in the very end of an LSx crankshaft.

A third area of modification is the C-bridge section that contains the bolt holes through which the transmission tailhousing is connected. These have to be elongated approximately 1/4-inch to accommodate the LSx engine's bellhousing face position, which in our installation is slightly forward compared to that of the original engine.




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