Chevrolet Corvette C3 Replacement Bumper - Rubber Bumper Quick Fix

A Bumper Cover Replacement For Your C3

Steve Dulcich May 1, 2008 0 Comment(s)

There are numerous products for bonding the fiberglass bumper caps, including many newer high-tech panel adhesives, but we went with the proven technique of simply using Mar-Glass fiberglass-reinforced, polyester-resin filler. After all, the major body panels of the car are polyester resin, and with the large flanged mounting surfaces, there is a tremendous "purchase" area for a high-strength bond. Unlike many of the new breed of panel adhesives, the Mar-Glass is rigid and will produce a rock-solid bond that will not flex or crack over time if done properly. Since the panels were being bonded, none of the OEM mounting hardware was retained, and, in fact, no mechanical fasteners whatsoever were used to mount the panels. The bond of the Mar-Glass is all that is needed, making the finicky stock fasteners redundant. By far the hardest part of this installation was modifying the stock-style '76 front cover to our own custom nose piece. For this, we would caution that a very high degree of fiberglass working skill is required. Installing the pieces was no more than a weekend's work, and we really like the end result.




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