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Corp_0804_08_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Comps_rhs_aluminum_cylinder_heads 2/26

Breathe Easier
The latest RHS Pro Action 23-degree, aluminum, SBC assembled cylinder heads feature 200cc volume Clean Cast intake runners for superior airflow and horsepower. Incorporating the ultra-efficient, heart-shaped combustion chambers, added deck material for angle milling, and a superior port-to-chamber transition, RHS Pro Action heads do not require expensive finish porting.

Comp Performance Group
3416 Democrat RD.
Memphis, TN 38118

Corp_0804_09_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Airaid_cold_air_intake_filter 3/26

Let's Get Cold
Airaid Filter Company has just released their '05-'07 Corvette C6 6.0L cold-air intake kit. This kit features a roto-molded intake tube, an Airaid premium filter, stainless steel hardware, and an incredible lifetime ""no hassle"" warranty. The kit increases horsepower up to 24 hp and improves torque up to 29 lb-ft, while maximizing airflow for better acceleration and responsiveness.

It installs in less than 60 minutes using factory mounting points. The washable/ reusable air filter, with the deepest pleats in the industry, is the largest possible in the space allowed. It replaces the factoryintake tube with a custom-designed intake tube that accelerates airflow to the turbo or throttle. A 7.0 Z06 kit is also available.

Airaid Filter
2688 E. Rose Garden Ln.
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Corp_0804_10_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Comp Fast_xfi_fuel_injection_kit 4/26

Conversion Factor
The latest FAST XFI fuel-injection kits include everything required to convert popular Chevrolet street or racing engines to EFI. Designed as a stand-alone EFI system that totally replaces your factory computer and wiring harness, the XFI system eliminates the performancecompromised OEM controller, replacing it with an ECU and an easy-to-install wiring harness that is tunable with any Windows-based computer.

Comp Performance Group
3416 Democrat RD.
Memphis, TN 38118

Corp_0804_11_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Proform_parts_electric_water_pump 5/26

Water Willy
Proform Parts has just introduced their new Chevy big-block electric water pump. This precision die-cast electric water pump eliminates unnecessary weight and impeller-drag experienced at high rpm, while pumping up to 35-plus gallons of water per minute. The pump is durable, but manufactured with lightweight die-cast aluminum and is epoxy powdercoated for corrosion resistance the color of your choice. Each unit comes with the popular Chevy Bow Tie emblem in red. It also comes with a free inlet fitting (1-inch pipe to 13/4-inch hose) and mating weather-tight connector.

Specialty Auto Parts USA
26708 Groesbeck Hwy.
Warren, MI 48089


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