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Chevrolet Corvette Performance Products - Elvis - What's New Pussycat?

Has Left The Building!

Alan Colvin Apr 1, 2008

Sema 2007's Latest & Greatest Corvette UpgradesThis year's SEMA show rocked the Las Vegas Convention Center like no other trade show can. Because most of you cannot attend this event, we always try to give you an editorial photograph, so to speak, of what the SEMA show had for all us Corvette affectionatos. The SEMA show has acres and acres of the newest automotive technological advances known to man, and we thought we'd give you a small sampling of some of our favorite items. Hopefully, we will be able to use some of these products on our project cars this year. Enjoy!

Corp_0804_01_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Billy_boat_performance_exhaust 2/26

Smooth Sailing
Billy Boat Performance Exhaust has just launched their new C6 Corvette Z06 Fusion catback exhaust system. The new Z06 exhaust is 3 inches from the factory, yet it necks down to 2.5 inches as it enters the mufflers, reducing exhaust flow and performance. The T-304 stainless steel system uses the PRT center muffler section for high exhaust flow and enhanced sound control, while the rear section is a 3-inch version of the B&B Bullet system, using an additional small resonated muffler at the back of the system. The muffler tips are double walled, 4-inches round, or 4.5-inches oval. The entire system comes completely polished and retains the OEM Z06 vacuumcontrolled exhaust butterflies.

Billy Boat Performance exhaust
23045 n. 15th ave.
Phoenix, aZ 85027

Corp_0804_02_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Prw_rocker_arms 3/26

Rock Me
PRW has just released their new PQ Series Pedestal-Shaft rocker arm system for the small-block Chevy engine. This new rocker system is engineered to maximize the valvetrain efficiency for many popular Chevrolet small-block OEM and aftermarket cylinder head

193 W. Orangethorpe Ave.
Placentia, ca 92870

Corp_0804_03_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Comp_cams_endure_x_solid_roller_lifters 4/26

Endure This
Comp Cams has just released their new Endure-X Gen III solid roller lifters that are designed for GM Gen III engines. These lifters incorporate significant valvetrain weight savings and increased oiling design to deliver maximum reliability.

Comp Performance Group
3416 Democrat RD.
Memphis, TN 38118

Corp_0804_04_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Trick_flow_specialties_cnc_chevy_cylinder_heads 5/26

Head Games
The new Trick Flow Specialties Ultra 23 CNC small-block Chevy heads feature CNC 5-axis machined ports and chambers, and provide excellent airflow at all valve lifts, ensuring maximum performance. Designed for 400-plus CID engines, these heads are capable of supporting 650-plus horsepower.

Trick Flow Specialties
285 West Ave.
Tallmadge, OH 44278

Corp_0804_05_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Vintage_air_front_runner_lsx 6/26

Up Front And Running Away
Vintage Air-the inventors of blockmounted drive systems-introduces their latest super-compact engine drive: the Front Runner LSX, which features a robust main truss bracket, integrated accessory mounts, and optimal pulley ratios.

Vintage Air
18865 Goll St.
San Antonio, TX 78266

Corp_0804_06_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Weiands_intake_manifold 7/26

Intake Fun
Weiand's Stealth intake for '87-andlater small-block Chevy engines is a new, high-rise, dual-plane, street and strip manifold designed using industry-leading CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software technology for maximum power for '87-and-later cast-iron heads.

Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville RD.
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Corp_0804_07_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Chassis_tech_air_suspension 8/26

Getting Air
Ever consider an air suspension for your Corvette? Chassis Tech now offers a complete bolt-on front and rear air suspension for all '84-'96 Corvettes.

Chassis Tech
260 S. Hibbert
Mesa, AZ 85210

Corp_0804_08_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Comps_rhs_aluminum_cylinder_heads 9/26

Breathe Easier
The latest RHS Pro Action 23-degree, aluminum, SBC assembled cylinder heads feature 200cc volume Clean Cast intake runners for superior airflow and horsepower. Incorporating the ultra-efficient, heart-shaped combustion chambers, added deck material for angle milling, and a superior port-to-chamber transition, RHS Pro Action heads do not require expensive finish porting.

Comp Performance Group
3416 Democrat RD.
Memphis, TN 38118

Corp_0804_09_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Airaid_cold_air_intake_filter 10/26

Let's Get Cold
Airaid Filter Company has just released their '05-'07 Corvette C6 6.0L cold-air intake kit. This kit features a roto-molded intake tube, an Airaid premium filter, stainless steel hardware, and an incredible lifetime ""no hassle"" warranty. The kit increases horsepower up to 24 hp and improves torque up to 29 lb-ft, while maximizing airflow for better acceleration and responsiveness.

It installs in less than 60 minutes using factory mounting points. The washable/ reusable air filter, with the deepest pleats in the industry, is the largest possible in the space allowed. It replaces the factoryintake tube with a custom-designed intake tube that accelerates airflow to the turbo or throttle. A 7.0 Z06 kit is also available.

Airaid Filter
2688 E. Rose Garden Ln.
Phoenix, AZ 85050

Corp_0804_10_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Comp Fast_xfi_fuel_injection_kit 11/26

Conversion Factor
The latest FAST XFI fuel-injection kits include everything required to convert popular Chevrolet street or racing engines to EFI. Designed as a stand-alone EFI system that totally replaces your factory computer and wiring harness, the XFI system eliminates the performancecompromised OEM controller, replacing it with an ECU and an easy-to-install wiring harness that is tunable with any Windows-based computer.

Comp Performance Group
3416 Democrat RD.
Memphis, TN 38118

Corp_0804_11_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Proform_parts_electric_water_pump 12/26

Water Willy
Proform Parts has just introduced their new Chevy big-block electric water pump. This precision die-cast electric water pump eliminates unnecessary weight and impeller-drag experienced at high rpm, while pumping up to 35-plus gallons of water per minute. The pump is durable, but manufactured with lightweight die-cast aluminum and is epoxy powdercoated for corrosion resistance the color of your choice. Each unit comes with the popular Chevy Bow Tie emblem in red. It also comes with a free inlet fitting (1-inch pipe to 13/4-inch hose) and mating weather-tight connector.

Specialty Auto Parts USA
26708 Groesbeck Hwy.
Warren, MI 48089

Corp_0804_12_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Weiand_street_warrior_intake_manifold 13/26

Street Wars
The new Weiand Street Warrior intake manifold is a composite street/strip EFI intake manifold for LS engines that utilizes advanced runner and inlet trumpet technology to produce superior horsepower and torque from 2,000-6,200 rpm.

Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville RD.
Bowling Green, KY 42101

Corp_0804_13_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Mahle_motorsports_powerpak_pistons 14/26

Forged Relationships
Mahle Motorsports has just released their new GM L92 PowerPak piston kit. This forged piston kit includes forged, dual-coated pistons, pins, clips, and a plasma-moly performance file-fit ring set. It is available in flat-top and inverted dome configurations.

Mahle Motorsports/Mahle Clevite
270 Rutledge RD., Unit C
Fletcher, NC 28732

Corp_0804_14_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Procharger_intercooled_system 15/26

Charged Cars
ProCharger has released their intercooled ProCharger system for the C6 Corvette. This intercooled centrifugal supercharger system for '08 LS3-powered Corvettes produces a 50-percent power gain (6 psi, 600 rwhp) with all the components needed for a quick and complete installation.

14801 W. 114th Terrace
Lenexa, KS 66215

Corp_0804_15_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Comp_cams_power_packages 16/26

Pour On "Z" Power
GM's ZZ4 engine has great performance potential straight out of the crate; but in today's realm of high-performance engines, 350 hp is not exactly something you brag to your buddies about. Comp has designed bolt-on GM ZZ4 power packages that dramatically improve the horsepower, torque, and "fun factor" associated with this engine.

Test results prove that carefully selected combinations of Comp Performance Group products can transform your stock ZZ4 into a small-block powerhouse with bullet proof reliability. Each Comp Cams Performance package has been dyno tested in-house to demonstrate real world, repeatable results. After completing Stage 1 of the five performance packages, select the level of horsepower you desire from the four remaining stages to deliver dependable, streetable power

Comp Performance Group
3416 Democrat Rd.
Memphis, TN 38118

Corp_0804_16_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Pypes_performance_exhaust 17/26

Serious Pypes
The C3 has long been overlooked when it comes to performance exhaust. For those of you who want to enjoy your C3's power, you'll want one of these custom Pypes Systems. Designed to connect directly to your manifolds (or headers), this system includes the cross-pipe, tailpipes, mufflers (constructed of 409 stainless steel), hangers, and clamps. It also includes polished 304 stainless steel tips for a great looking finish to your bumper. The first and only C3 mandrel-bent performance exhaust with 2.5-inch tubing and custom-fit C3 cross-pipe.

Pypes Performance Exhaust
2880 Bergey Rd., Unit O
Hatfield, PA 19440

Corp_0804_17_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Slp_long_tube_header_system 18/26

Horsepower & Counting
SLP's new '06-'07 C6 Z06 Corvette 4-2-1 long-tube header system features equal-length, 13/4-inch main primaries flowing into two 21/4-inch secondary primaries, which then flow into one 3-inch high-flow collector. The headers are mandrel-bent 409 stainless steel and are ceramic coated to keep heat in, exhaust velocity up, and underhood temperatures down. The rest of the system is made from 304 stainless steel.

These headers will install into your Z06 without the removal of any dry-sump oil lines or the starter. Clearances around all wire harnesses, vacuum lines, and A/C lines are greater than any other system on the market, closely matching clearances from GM. Also included in the package is a pair of 3-inch high-flow catalyst converters, which flow into a full 3-inch, integrated PowerFlo-X Crossover assembly.

SLP Performance Parts
1501 Industrial Way North
Toms River, NJ 08755

Corp_0804_18_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Dynatech_supermaxx_header_system 19/26

C6 Header Fun
Dynatech has just launched their '07-'08 Corvette C6/ZO6 SuperMaxx header system. This stainless steel header system is engineered for a direct bolt-on fit from the cylinder head to the cat-back connector. This system includes 17/8-inch headers, dual Power Cats, and a 3-inch NASCAR-style cross-pipe with power increased as much as 45 rwhp.

P.O. Box 548
Boonville, IN 47601

Corp_0804_19_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Mr_gasket_aluminum_exhaust_gasket 20/26

New Gaskets Abound
Mr. Gasket Performance Group has just introduced their new embossed aluminum exhaust gaskets for Chevrolet 262-400 engines. Manufactured from 1060 aluminum (solid),.043-inch-thick, with a .051 embossment around each exhaust port to seal irregular surfaces. This gasket will not deteriorate or blow out, eliminating gasket leaks.

Mr. Gasket Performance Group
10601 Memphis Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44144

Corp_0804_20_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Scat_rotating_assembly_kit 21/26

Just Scat
Scat Enterprises new Chevy LS1 rotating assembly comes with a 4340 forged crankshaft, H-beam connecting rods, and Mahle pistons, rings, and bearings, and is offered in 4.000-inch, 4.125-inch, and 4.250-inch strokes in standard weight, lightweight procomp, or superlight designs.

Scat Enterprises
1400 Kingsdale Ave.
Redondo Beach, CA 90275

Corp_0804_21_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Street_and_performance_wiring_harness 22/26

All Wired Up
Street and Performance has just released their new LS2/3/7 wiring harness. This engine wiring harness is designed to retrofit GM LS2, LS3, or LS7 engines into older vehicles.

Street And Performance
No.1 Hot Rod Ln.
Mena, AR, 71953

Corp_0804_22_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Specialty_auto_parts_shaft_mount_aluminum_roller_rockers 23/26

Getting The Shaft
Proform has just released their new LS1/LS6 shaft-mount aluminum roller rockers. These roller rockers join the Proform family of popular extruded aluminum roller rockers. Available in 1.7 and 1.8 ratios.

Specialty Auto Parts USA
26708 Groesbeck Hwy.
Warren, MI 48089

Corp_0804_23_z Chevrolet_corvette_performance_products Slp_rocker_arm_package 24/26

SLP has just re-released their 1.85-ratio rocker arm package for GM Gen III engines, which includes LS1, LS6, LS2, as well as 4.8-, 5.3-, and 6.0- (LQ4 OR LQ9) liter truck engines. Designed as a true bolt-on replacement, these new rockers require no valve cover or cylinder head modifications. The exclusive design is based off the stock rocker, providing an OEM-quality steel construction and a roller bearing trunion, which results in a 10-percent increase in valve lift over the stock 1.7 ratio rocker arms and gains of up to 12 hp over stock. This package includes 16 rocker arms, detailed instructions, and all required installation hardware.

SLP Performance Parts
1501 Industrial Way North
Toms River, NJ 08755

Two Of A Kind
Weiand now manufactures a Street Warrior SBC and BBC Chevy intake for Holley 4150 and spread bore carburetors. Both of these dual-plane street manifolds are designed using industry-leading CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software technology for maximum power.

Holley Performance Products
1801 Russellville Rd.
Bowling Green, KY 42101



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