Corvette Maintenance - Weekend Projects 2008

It's Time To Get Out In The Garage And Make Some Noise with These Six Weekend Projects For Your Corvette.

Tom Benford Mar 14, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Project 4
Shift console prep & paint
Applicable Years:
Skill Level: 1 Wrench
Tools Required: Masking tape, spray paint, screwdrivers
Time Required: 4 hours over 2 days
Parts Source: Zip Products

Corp_0804_14_z Chevrolet_corvette_maintenance Shift_console_stock_next_to_unpainted_one 2/36

Here's the original console on the left, and the new, unpainted unit from Zip Products on the right. The shifter diagram, ashtray door, and door sliders have already been removed from the old console.>

The lower shifter console in my '67 coupe had seen better days. The paint is peeling off in several places, and it has acquired numerous scratches over the last 41 years, so when I redid my interior, the console was on the "makeover" list as well. Zip Products offers a console either completely finished or unpainted-the only difference is the price, about $160 between the two. So if you're industrious and want to save some significant change, here's how to finish the bare console yourself.




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