Corvette Maintenance - Weekend Projects 2008

It's Time To Get Out In The Garage And Make Some Noise with These Six Weekend Projects For Your Corvette.

Tom Benford Mar 14, 2008 0 Comment(s)

Project 2
Cargo Bay Organizer Installation
Applicable Years:
C4, C5
Skill Level: 1 Wrench
Tools Required: Drill, 5/64-inch bit, No. 1 Phillips screwdriver
Time Required: 1/2-hour
Parts Source: Mid America Motorworks

I keep a lot of small, miscellaneous stuff in the trunk of our C5 -CDs, a baseball cap, extra sunglasses, a pack of Kleenex, maps, and so on, and this stuff tends to bounce around the trunk while I'm driving. It also creates an unsightly clutter when the trunk is open.

I decided to do something about it, so I procured a C5 Cargo Bay Organizer from Mid America Motorworks (MAM), without realizing at the time that it was meant to be installed in C5 coupes, not convertibles like mine. So when it arrived, I did some quick thinking "outside the box" and realized that by mounting it on the transverse aluminum upper deck support it would not only work just fine, but would also serve as a "separator" to hide (for the most part) the ragtop when it was in the down position (which it is for the entire winter, since we have an auxiliary hardtop that stays on for the colder months).

The installation we're showing here is basically the same as it would be for a coupe, except the organizer would mount to the rear bulkhead beneath the rear window on a coupe. MAM also supplies bolts, nuts, and washers should you decide to fasten the mounting snaps with these items rather than the supplied screws. Be advised, however, that it may be necessary to remove the panel you are mounting it to should you decide to use the nuts-and-bolts mounting method.

This is another easy project to do, but be sure to measure and mark exactly where you want the snap-mounting holes to be before you drill.




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