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You'll Know(ses) The Hoses
What's one frustrating thing about building a resto-mod Corvette? Figuring out what heater, radiator, or other underhood hose to use with your modified ride, and getting one that's shaped just the way you need it. Stop the trial-and-(mostly) error and get Unicoil.

Its patented design lets you bend straight hoses into any shape for a custom fit. Just slide the stainless-steel Unicoil outside a straight rubber hose wherever a bend is needed, and by using no more than hand pressure you can shape it as you need it-up to a 90-degree bend-without kinking. Unicoil is available in sizes to fit 11/44-inch up to 1-inch diameter hoses, and will work with most standard hoses.
Unicoil International
619/296-0605, ext. 234

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Drivable Dual Disc
Monster-power engines deserve clutches that are up to the job. That was true with the L88s and ZL1s of the '60s that were available with dual-disc clutches. But dual-discs have had their downside (namely annoying rattles and lousy drivability) until now. Fidanza's line of dual-disc clutches for LS-powered C5s and C6s features advanced design and materials, combining to give you a clutch like their Stage I that can handle up to 650 lb-ft of torque. for mega-monster powerplants, their Stage II is good up to 850 lb-ft of torque, with drivability that's on a par with a single-disc OEM clutch. Their clutch kits include a dual-disc clutch, pressure plate, lightweight flywheel, and floater plate.Fidanza

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True Colors
Here's something to beautify your home's walls: three new limited-edition prints of original watercolor paintings by Dana Forrester. "Stingers" features 13 stinger-hooded '67s parked along a brick wall sporting slogans for Henry George Cigars; "Caravan Stop" shows a Corvette road tour stop along old Route 66 in Shamrock, Texas, with one of each generation of Vette (and three of Dana's own) illustrated; "The Predator" spotlights a black C6 Z06 parked near a brick wall bearing a time-faded ad for the Texas and Pacific Railway.

Each one is available in editions of 200 signed and numbered, framed or unframed prints in four sizes-from 11x17 inches starting at $100 plus shipping (unframed), up to 29x49 inches (framed) for $725 plus shipping.Dana Forrester watercolors




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