Car Fire Extinguisher - Flame Out

Corvettes & Fire Don't Mix

Wayne Scraba May 28, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Top Gun
This is Safecraft's top-of-the-line system. It's a model RS from Safecraft. This is a 10-pound system that is commonly used in pro-racing applications. The bottle is a DOT-approved aluminum model, while the head is a pneumatic model.

One Size Doesn't Really Fit All
So what's out there? You have plenty of choices. In the Safecraft line, here's a rundown of the system features, starting with the most comprehensive package (from a cost and function perspective).

This particular extinguisher is capable of accepting up to three separate discharge lines. This means you can run a line to the engine compartment, one to the area of the fuel cell, and another in the cockpit. The extinguishers are available in 2-, 3-, 5-, 10- and 20-pound Halon capacity with other EPA/SNAP agents available as well. All extinguishers are available in brushed or polished finish. You can also specify bottles manufactured from carbon fiber. The discharge heads are billet aluminum and are anodized red. A unique feature of the RS is the swivel head. You simply loosen two setscrews at the base of the head, and it can be oriented to suit the application. Mounting brackets are aluminum. Several different head options are available.

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Bottle Size
Several different bottle sizes are available, including a 10-pound model, 5-pound model, and even 3-pound models. All can be configured with basic pull-cable-style single discharge heads. Optionally available are push-knob activation, dual-discharge heads along with a pneumatic dual discharge head. these extinguishers are available in 3-, 5- and 10-pound halon capacity with other EPA/SNAP agents available.

LT Models
The RaceSafe LT fire extinguisher by Safecraft is a new lightweight design that is almost a pound lighter than other models they offer. It makes use of a compact discharge head, which translates into a smaller overall package. A neat feature is the swivel head. This means the discharge head can be rotated to align the pull cable, which, obviously, provides flexibility when it comes to the installation. This feature is different than that found on the RS Models. In this case, you loosen a setscrew near the top and the head swivels where the pull cable is affixed (the discharge ports are stationary). The aluminum cylinder is U.S. DOT approved and is capable of being refilled. Like the top of the line RS, the discharge head on this model is machined from billet aluminum and is pull-cable actuated. The extinguisher will accept two separate discharge lines (typically, one in the engine compartment and one in the passenger compartment). The LT model extinguishers are available in 3-, 5- and 10-pound Halon capacity with other EPA/SNAP agents available as well. All three sizes come standard with a white powdercoated cylinder along with a brushed-aluminum anodized head. Complete installation and mounting kits, based upon your application, are available.

LS Model
Safecraft's Model LS is a compact assembly that combines ingredients of the previously described LT and RS models. The Model LS uses an aluminum high-pressure cylinder that is U.S. and Canadian DOT approved and is capable of being refilled by an authorized distributor. The discharge head is machined from billet aluminum and is actuated by pull cable. The extinguisher is capable of being set up with two separate discharge lines (much like the model LT). The extinguishers in this line are available in brushed or polished finish. The LS examples are available in 5-pound Halon 1211 capacity only. Different plumbing and installation kits are available, again to suit your application.


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