Car Fire Extinguisher - Flame Out

Corvettes & Fire Don't Mix

Wayne Scraba May 28, 2008 0 Comment(s)
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Mounting of the bottles is simple. There are a couple of different mount arrangements used. Generally, the type of system dictates the mount style. For example, the RS system shown in this photo is based upon a pair of aircraft "T" bolt mounting clamps that grasp the bottle. In turn, the clamps attach to individual machined aluminum mounting brackets (shown here).

Is Halon Illegal?
Halon is not a banned product, although some states are banning the sale of certain hand-held extinguishers for noncommercial use. Effective January 1, 1994, the production and importation of new halon was banned in the developed world by international agreement-the Montreal Accord. According to the EPA, halon releases that occur as a result of owner failure to maintain containing equipment to relevant industry standards are prohibited. However, this prohibition does not apply to emergency releases of halons for legitimate fire extinguishing, explosion inertion, or other emergency applications for which the systems or equipment were designed.

As you can imagine, the careful use and conservation of halon is important. According to conservative estimates, there is sufficient halon available to serve existing needs until the year 2040.

Halons are still the extinguishing agent of choice for contemporary motorsports applications. There are other compounds available, and yes, they'll work. Unfortunately, some just aren't as effective as halon. It all boils down to effectiveness versus weight versus cost. It's your choice.

In the end you can see that fire extinguisher systems are not as complex, heavy, or ugly as you might have first guessed. And they just might save you and your Corvette when you most need the help.


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