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Steve Dulcich Nov 1, 2007 0 Comment(s)

Sensor NonSense
I recently purchased an '02 Z06 with 19,500 miles, and the check engine light stays on. The dealer said the code shows that the front left O2 sensor needed replacement, so I had them replace it. A half-hour later the check engine light came on again. I took it back to the dealer, and they said now all four O2 sensors needed to be replaced. I took it to another mechanic, who ordered all four sensors and replaced them. The check engine light still came on after about a half-hour of driving. I took it back to the shop that replaced all sensors, and they said the code still shows that the O2 sensors need to be replaced, so there is probably a problem with the main computer. Is this the likely cause, or do I need to take it to another dealer/mechanic for another diagnosis?
Martha Peterson, Clearlake Oaks, CA

I wish you would have presented the actual codes pulled up when your Corvette was scanned since there are more than a dozen trouble codes that deal with the oxygen sensors. For what it's worth, modern oxygen sensors are very reliable, and the idea that all the sensors have failed and need replacement is nothing short of ludicrous. A real full diagnosis will require a technician who is willing to look for the root cause, such as poor grounds, injector or fuel system problems, exhaust leaks, or even vacuum leaks. Find an experienced Corvette facility before shelling out for replacing what are very reliable electronics.

More on Peeling Tint
In your July issue's C5 Solutions, a question was posed regarding what can be done to restore the degradation of the "peeling tint." Like the writer, I found that nothing short of painting it is the answer. Working with my favorite body/paint shop here in Kaneohe, Hawaii, the top was painted after a few experiments. The solution was a good sanding of various grits followed by a good buffing. A few coats of body matching paint (black in my case), a few more coats of clear, and the top was saved for $350. From the inside, the top looks like a black mirror (clear, clean, and shiny). This was a great save as opposed to spending anywhere from $850 to $1,300. It's now a Targa-top; if I want to see the sky I remove the top.
DJ Freitas, Via e-mail

Thanks for sharing the information, DJ. It goes to show that some innovative problem solving can go a long way to handling a problem, and sometimes save some cash in the process.




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