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Modern Gasoline And Performance For Your Corvette

Performance Improvement Tests
The test vehicle we will reference here is a '97 Corvette LS-1 engine with an automatic transmission, but the results have been as good on everything from a four-cylinder, imported, economy car; a carbureted Corvette; and even a street rod with a carbureted ZZ-4 engine. The performance improvements were the most noticeable during our tests on the four-cylinder, imported, economy car. The driver of the imported, economy car said the PurEscape made her car feel like it was on steroids and also got more miles to the gallon of gasoline each time she used PurEscape in a tank full of gasoline.

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PurEscape-steroids for your gas tank that not only increases power but also improves fuel economy.

We used an accelerometer to measure the g-force that was created as we accelerated from a dead stop to 60 mph so we could compare the gains we experienced as we tried the four different fuel blends. We started with a major brand of premium-unleaded gasoline in the gas tank, and then we added the PurEscape to the premium-unleaded fuel. We next removed the premium gasoline from the gas tank and replaced it with Rockett Brand (formally Union Oil Racing Gasoline) 100-octane, racing, unleaded gasoline, as a final test we added the PurEscape to the 100-octane gasoline.

The first acceleration tests were used to establish a performance baseline with the premium-unleaded gasoline in the Corvette's gas tank. We performed three wide-open throttle acceleration runs on a level road from zero to 60 mph with the traction-control system engaged. The readings from the accelerometer showed we had peak g-force readings of 0.62g, 0.60g, and 0.63g during the three acceleration test runs.

The same acceleration tests on the same day and location with the premium-unleaded gasoline and PurEscape mixed in gave us peak g-force readings of 0.69g, 0.70g, and 0.69g. There was also a noticeable gain in drivability, and the seat-of-the-pants power gain was noticeable to both the driver and the passenger.

A repeat of the same acceleration tests again on the same day and same location with the 100-octane Rockett brand race fuel gave us 0.72g, 0.73g, and 0.73g. There again was a noticeable gain in drivability, and the seat-of-the-pants power was noticeable to both the driver and passenger with the 100-octane fuel over both the pump gas and the pump gas with PurEscape.

As a final test, we added the PurEscape to the 100-octane race fuel and repeated the acceleration tests, this time we were not sure if we gained any power, and the g-meter recorded runs of 0.73g, 0.74g, and 0.72g. We think there may be some minor improvements when the PurEscape was added to the 100-octane fuel, but we are not sure. Our tests also pointed out that both the premium unleaded gasoline with PurEscape and the Rockett Brand 100-octane race fuel had more consistent acceleration results, better drivability, better throttle response, and more engine power than we had with the untreated premium gasoline we were using when we started the performance tests. We have found that in every car we have tried the PurEscape in there has been an increase in gas mileage, which was a very nice side benefit in these days when gasoline is in the $3-a-gallon range.

The gasoline you use and the additives you put into the gasoline can add performance to your Corvette, and in some cases will even allow it to perform better than when it came off the showroom floor. A clean fuel system with the correct blend of gasoline and additives will give you the best performance from your Corvette.


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